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What happened: Suspecting missing interest
Player(s) with issue: Muumiperuna
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 17.6
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: I have excel to which I write down EB account transfers. After each day I check that the balance in Excel and at HWS Dashboard match.

Today I noticed exactly 2500000 cr missing. Dashboard shows that I got interest though. I would like to ask how much money did I have on my account in the morning 16.6.2018. I can calculate the current amount that I should have based on the 16.6 value and could see if something weird happened with the interest.

Thanks a lot beforehand!

Hey @Muumiperuna

is this enough / good?


Hi, splendid. I noticed that something strange has happened with transfer at 10:28.

On my dashboard I can see that I transferred away only 2159696 credits, but the log you posted shows I transferred 4659696 credits. That is 2159696 PLUS 2500000 which I reported missing.

If you have access to my dashboard you can see the mismatch in data of that 10.28 transfer. I also screenshotted the dashboard just in case.

I’d like to request the missing 2,5m to be returned. I would also be grateful to know what possibly caused this error so I can tell about it to others so we can avoid it in the future.

You see the Tax you had to pay this morning, right?

Also you can notice that at 9:02 row the After -value is 85709613, but on next row it does not match with the Before-value. However the Before values of 10:28 and 9:02 are identical which means that the interest did not apply.

Yes, the taxes can be found at rows 9:01, two events in total

No, I can’t follow.
83209613 - 2159696 (money sent to Hydra) = 81049917.

What exactly is the problem?

The problem is that at 9:02 after paying the taxes I had 83209613cr. So far everything is correct.

At 9:02 I gained daily interest. 83209613+2500000 = 85709613
At 10:28 The account balance has magically shrunk by 2500000 back to 83209613. This is the problem.

Hmm I see. Can’t find the problem roughly so @Jascha needs to explain this

Meanwhile I try to sum up the problem from my perspective. There’s quite a lot of messages piled up by now.

In the morning I had to pay two taxes at 9:01. I have checked their values and they are correct. After paying those taxes I am left at 83,209,613 cr. For the next two transactions let’s focus on the before and after -values.

At 9:02 comes the daily interest, 2,500,000 credits. 83,209,613+2,500,000 = 85,709,613. Hooray, Interest completed, the account balance after interest is 85,709,613.

A portion of faction member’s tax had piled up to player named Hydra. At 10:28 I transferred him credits so that he would not become debted. Let’s move on to that transaction that mystically ate away the 2,5m interest.

Now, you can already see that the Before-value at 10:28 is different from the After-value of previous transaction. On all other occasions the Before-value of next row is ALWAYS the same as the After-value of previous row. This is not the case at the 10:28 transaction.

Something has turned 85709613 back to 83209613 which is exactly 2,500,000 credits smaller value. From that smaller value I made the transfer to Hydra’s account and it was processed normally. From this point on the After-value and Before-value go correctly until the end of the log.

Other way to check this: If I have 85,7m cr after interest at 9:02 then how come the account balance is over 4 million cr smaller (81m cr) after the Hydra transaction which, according to Rexxus above, was just 2,16 million?

Based on these values I would like to request the missing interest to be added to my account.

@Jascha will investigate in the weekend. Meanwhile I gave you the 2,5m

Thank you. I will take screenshots of Dashboard on next few days in case the issue persists. I guess documentation is the best I can do to help.

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