Requesting Support, Answers and compensation (Resolved)

Hello all,

i am a peacefull solo player trader, i went to the homesystem of Trader Faction as it says PVE on map:

i went to the moon to check what resources are there, but didnt notest the space and moon is PVP…

while exploring the moon i got shoot down by a Trader base on it, so i parked my CV and SV outside the range of the base, but when i went for my backpack by foot i was shocked what was happening… my SV was unmand parking on ground and CV with no weapons and HV’s offline, so i didnt fire a single shot at them…
just check the video…

So now i request compensation for my backpack, SV and damaget CV with HV’s. Otherwise the ART faction is kill on sight by me without any punishment or compensation needed.

Please compensate for your crimes:


Waiting to see ART response,

xXx Hunters doesn’t like Trader faction abusers…

There are two sides to every story though so will wait before action is taken.

I was on yesterday when i saw something being mentioned about you ammo draining, care to elaborate?

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1 million credits sent as donation for this horribly crime.

A++ for topic effort.

i only wasted like 100 of theyr ammo… and it was not on purpose, was only trying to get to my backpack, after i seen i cannot fly there with ship, i parked it outside and went by foot, and when i finaly got to the backpack they where waiting… i was standing there trying to write them but had no chance to do so as they opened fire wight away

WOW thanks a lot, i owe you :heart_eyes:

Whats with this nice guy Thranir :joy:

Your post seems legit and it’s well thought out. I accept you were only trying to get your backpack, The turrets killing you isnt their fault, however, They opened fire deliberately.

Contract is out for them.

Justice will be served.

I was the defending pilot, we had to restock our ammo supplies as you depleted them. You situated 2 svs and a cv on the opposite side of the green loading curtain, this enabled you to move in and out of the sight of our base and repair ur ships to repeat this process so I destroyed your svs and chased you into orbit. The fact your now crying seeking and compensation after you failed is in my opinion sad.
Want to add there were 4 of us there had we any other intention other than defending our base we would have chased and destroyed your cv!

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I was also there, trying to waste a base’s ammo and hiding behind the green loading screen is a massive noob move…as for losing your ship’s Gogzy is 100% correct ur lucky we didn’t destroy your cv…

Also yeah we lost our moon base who cares its pvp…but to lose it due to a noob trying his luck well that’s a new one for me :slight_smile:

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as i was telling you yesterday via chat i was only interested to recover my Backpack, first i went there with ship, to localize my backpack, after i did i went there by foot, and i drained only few ammo from you, that is not an excuse for killing me multiple times when i had nothing on me… and ship was parket away from cv, near the point where was my backpack. I didnt shoot at you even one shot, so it was not selfdefence. I dont blame you that your base has killed me the first time, that was my fault while exploring the moon, but the actions you took afterwards was not a trader action. So you should blame only yourself. Every action has its reaction.

I never seen any such message in chat however we continually warned you to leave the area and you did not however if you requested this we would have either allowed you to recover the backpack or we would have delivered it to you

As traders you guys could have disabled your turrets to allow him to get his backpack?

Perhaps he did also ammo drain to get it which is silly but can kind of see why

Regardless Traders dont kill traders

The video shows you knowingly killed.

Live and learn, don’t break the rules and xXx hunters wont come for you again :wink:

To me the rule is clear. Traders do not attack each others in any situation.

Well, it’s not to say traders can’t return fire if fired upon FIRSTbut the general idea of a trader is a passive stance. We can defend ourselves however, traders should leave offensive type of behavior to Alliance and Bounty hunters. That’s what I believe.

I agree with that, depends who shot first. I didn’t see the video, but the complaint seems very well laid-out, and the response from the other faction seems pretty weak.

Funny the video only shows shows us defending our base as far as we were concerned he was depleting our ammo in preparation for attack, we defended as I said if we had simple violence in mind we would have pursued his cv the has a bunch of hvs docked on it. We do not attack outright and try to be as helpful as possible but we will continue to defend our faction from people who will attack us in any way shape or form trader faction or not. Anyways were not crying about this PvP areas are as stated we expected that base to be attacked and possibly lost, just seems to us wetwak has done this intentionally as a insurance fraud type of scam. As I said he only was recording after knowing we would attack and the video clearly shows a cv and two svs situated on the other side of the loading curtian. Seems excessive for just trying to retrieve a backpack :wink:

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  1. you where not defending because (a) i didn’t attacked you or your base - not a single shot was fired (b) i was unarmed and on foot so no threat there also
  2. your base was situated just next to the barrier, so when i first came there, i had no chance to escape because your base shoot me down before i got the loading screen loaded, so i respawned at my CV, came the closest to the point where i was shoot down, entered my SV and went looking for my backpack (yes your base was shooting at me, but only a short time, until i localized my backpack), then i parked also my SV outside and went there by foot
  3. my SV was unmanned, my CV had no weapons at all, my HVs where offline, so this was clearly not an attack, just wrong time at wrong place
  4. your actions where not the traders actions, if you want to behave like this go for Alliance faction, then you will have an excuse that you only protected the traders under attack…
  5. this was not intentionally, i was not asking anyone to destroy your base, as i written above i requested only compensation otherwise you would be on my “kill on spot” list with no right for compensation, but this is no more needed because justice has been served.

So lets hope we all learn our lesson and dont blame each other till the end of the universe :slight_smile: PEACE!

a joke wetwak ur video only shows after the fact of u waisting the base’s ammo and hiding ur cv+ another sv behind the green loading screen then u choose to log all after. when we got fed up of u returning to fly around the base ----Waisting ammo we choose to engage u…and that is all that video shows a joke…

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Nice that I wasn’t needed the first time in drama history.
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