Reset Questions


If i reset do I keep selling anything i had on the market for sale
Also do I keep Skill points and Voting Status?

These are not clearly mentioned at all in the reset info on the guide

Please help.
Thank you


is this question about EAH or HWS?
You asked in EAH, but it seems like you have a question regarding HWS or?

EAH: Reset removes your player ingame = Skill points, Faction, Credits, ingame Market sales, everything is reseted. EAH itself does not have any vote counters, therefore I wonder if you mean HWS.

If HWS, then: See above, but Vote counters are not reset.

I’m playing on the EU Server HWS as far as I know.
There are 2 markets - ECC and Global - Do I lose all from Both?

What is EAH? not sure what this is.
I am talking about the Skill Points accumulated by logging in daily I’m on 15 at the moment.
Do I lose these?

also where should i ask if its a HWS related question please
Thank you

Skill points from the website are not reseted, but since you are resetting your character ingame, you will lose all the benefits like extra Health etc.
Not sure right now if a “Fresh start” ingame has the same effect @RexXxuS?

EAH is the “Emp Admin Helper” which is an Administrative tool.
You asked this question in that Forum-Area :wink:


You can ask in the community section, or if you have trouble over the Help button on the top right:



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Ah I see you found it already. Perfect, thats the right spot.

  1. If I reset my character do i keep anything that I’m selling in the market place i.e does it stay on the selling list?
  2. Do I keep skill points and voting status?

Yes. It’ll stay on the market.

And yes.

Thanks Dr dark
First rela answer today :slight_smile:

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I have some questions regarding resetting:

  1. Do you lose your daily login skill points (currently I have 15 points)
  2. Do you lose anything you are selling in the global market (accessable from the website).

I already know the rest from the guide but these points arn’t mentioned.


You will not loose the skill points, but you will loose the perks you got from them, like extra health/stamina/etc if you do CB:Reset

You will keep those. They are not deleted, since they are connected to your steam ID.

3 threads for one topic is quite overkill.
Please follow the forum structure to stop redundancy.
Such questions are placed here HWS General Discussion

Partially correct. Skill Points ingame are gone as Jascha said already.
Vote counter stays but the reward eventually not. Depends on OCD, EB, etc.

Fresh Start does not change your skill point boosted 1000 hp back to 500. Only cb:reset would do that.