Reset Resource, POI, and Ground Procedure

Hello there. I was reading through the documentation for the EAH tool. I was specifically looking for the proper method to reset POI, Resources, and Ground. While in the playfields window when I right click on a playfield, it gives me the options to reset those things. I made sure there were no players on the playfield. Then I reset them. I had a player go to the planet to test if the things had reset. He said they didn’t. So I restarted the server itself. Still they were not regenerated.

While looking through the documentation for resetting these things there are links to pictures. They send me to a page that isn’t found. Am I resetting the planet resources/POIs/Ground correctly? Am I missing a step?


that is the right way and it does work (from time to time). Sadly the game is buggy in that regard.
Those functions (which you can also set in the timetable automatically) create a WipeInfo.txt in the Playfield folder. If you start that function and you see that file in the Playfield folder, If you then log into the Playfield, and the file gets deleted, but the wipe did not work, then its a game bug.
Please report that in the Empyrion Forum.

If that file is not generated, then let me know please.


In the file it would just say:

or whatever you selected.