[Resolved] Trader Faction RP Bugged

I’ve been playing as a trader for a week now and have yet to receive any Reputation. I have warped every day except Saturday and Sunday. I’ve noticed and spoken with other traders in general chat that also don’t have any Reputation. It seems the RP for traders is bugged.

On a separate issue, most traders and players don’t seem to realize that they need to warp to get Reputation, there is another thread in the Trader Factions asking how to get Rep. I only found out today from Rexxus. Could that be posted to the Story section of the website?

This issue impedes traders’ faction supply.

The system is live since yesterday, so be patient please :wink:
Jascha just patched the tool already but officially it will be announced on friday. That is the reason why.

As I can see there are a lot of Traders on both servers with Reputation Points. Let’s see tomorrow if you have changed a playfield / warped already

As of today I do have Reputation. After making this post I saw traders with as much as 3 RP, which I’m curious how they achieved since it was only implemented the day before, but my personal issue no longer exists. I will try to spread the word about warping for RP.