Respawn - to Base clone chamber not working

After getting my SV shoot out by a POI’s on Freelancer HQ. I started the long mutli death (30km) walk back to my (LON) Base, Two times now I have been killed within range of a spawn to base, but after clicking on the option of Home BA spawn, I got kicked to the next public clone chamber, 15km from my base. Staying off line till I can be sure about trying the walk a third time.

Would be nice to know what server you are on. I can give you a lift if you are on EU.

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Hello @dh.98

Read this please:

And then this :+1:

Freelancer HQ - NA
As far as I am aware I did tick the ‘Home’ box in setting main screen for my base. And once I was close to my base (5km) & died again. The option to re-spawn in my base clone chamber, did high light on the re-spawn screen. And I did click the re-spawn at my base ‘high light’. But it still kicked me back to the public base, (15km).

Anyway I will try again about 3pm New Zealand time & put out my thumb, call for an Uber or taxi.

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