Restart playfield

I have a GTXGaming hosted server. They have the full version on the server and I have the slave client and things seem to be working. CB, getting all the live data etc. If I want to take action of various sorts on a playfield: wipe etc…I do so and then it says this action will take place the next time the playfield is restarted. Does this just refer to restarting the server? Do I need to hit the restart master button all the time? It says sometimes this is needed but doesn’t tell you when. I know this is really basic but if someone could clue me into this I would be grateful.

Thank you!


each playfield is loaded as soon as a Player enters it. If a Playfield has no players anymore after x seconds (set in the game config) the Playfield will shut down.
The wipe informations are stored in a wipeinfo.txt file in the Playfield folder on the server. As soon as the Playfield is started again (so someone logs in to it) it will read the wipeinfos file and apply it.
So you don’t need to restart the server.

Thank you Jascha for this info. So if I am using a slave client and doing wipes, reset ground etc and then enter the playfield after no one was in there and nothing has changed… That would imply the slave is not properly sending the signal for these functions. Everything is green and other functions supported for a slave client are working like warping, editing backpacks, chatbot etc…

A slave client should be able to do the playfield reset functions yes?


Thats a good question. Have to check that actually.
It should work if you set it as timetable entry of the master.

In the Slave Client it is enabled without doing the timetable option. For the things that are not possible in slave the function is either completely greyed out or it sends a message that it is only supported in the master on interaction with a sub function deeper in a menu system. So it appears to work but then so far I have seen no change when I visit the playfields. And thank you for responding btw!

No worries.

Yeah I just checked and I did not disable them but also don’t forward the command to the server. Would have to build that. Only way would be over a timetable entry.

OK thank you I will set up a timetable to handle it.

Thank you and cheers!