Return put Comp Block to repear as crystal

Return put 500sv or 1000cv Comp Block to repear station as crystal.

I don’t understand, what would crystals be useful for?

I think he’s asking to allow putting 500 small, or 1000 large carbon blocks into repair console. This would be equivalent to adding 1 diamond plus bunch of carbon substrate.

As it is now, only the diamonds can be placed into the repair console.

I like the idea in principle — however, if memory serves, Rex would have to switch console to only accept components — no ingots for anything.

This was tried once — did not go over well. Having to make components, then put them into console was not fun.

If console could be setup to accept either, then great.

For any repair using repair bay – if vessel needs even 1 carbon block replaced, must put a diamond into the repair console. (Sidenote – this also is bad mechanic – better to hand replace a couple carbon blocks than to spend a whole diamond)


Maybe the repair console could be made to use the logistics system? Then you could tie it to a ‘repair stock’ container, and it would be able to pull either full parts, components, or ingots as needed, with reductions in repair time based on what is available. I know it would require a rework on Eleon’s part, then we avoid the issue of ‘custom recipes’ posing a problem.


Would be wonderful if we could dump parts in the repair bay and speed up time like the factory.

It was an Eleon decision in the first place to not allow them. I wouldn’t hold out hope they change their minds.

They specifically did NOT want us to be able to speed it up that way.
We then suggested they allow parts/components without allowing them to speed it up and they still didn’t want parts/components allowed.