Revert the current patch

Rex, I think you need to revert back to the previous patch. The new patch has created soooo many issues and bugs. The last patch was great and everyone seemed to like it. With the current patch, PVP is nearly impossible do to desync issues, and instant missions often glitch out when you try to do them.

I think others will agree

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here is just one example of one of several issues.

Group of us trying to goto the racom to do a mission. Not only do all of us keep desyncing in ECC space but the racom actually disappeared completely. You can see the NPC’s standing at their posts in space.

the main issue is we can’t go back. this game isn’t setup to revert to previous versions. would require many moving parts and time spent to ensure we can all connect properly. like all other massively game breaking patches of the past, we have no choice but to report the bugs and hope for fixes. only way to resolve them is moving forward, not back.

Previous versions have just as many bugs, it’s just some other bugs.

Yes 1.4 has caused a lot of problems, but you physically cant go back to the last version unless you have a copy of that version on another drive. We just gotta ride it out :frowning:

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I wish I could.
I wish I could tell Eleon to put more love into some parts of the game, as its fucking deserve.
I wish I could.

I can’t.


not to worry, they are looking into the important things…

“Fixed: Truss blocks have no shadows”


aye well it was worth asking.

These are not bugs, however unintended features.

Does anyone else have an issue with going into different systems or planets ? I do not mean your ship simply flies slowly away . I am speaking of when you go to somewhere new the ship actually stays at the entry point of that field ? Nothing actually registers like astroids but the map says they are there . As soon as you leave your cockpit . The ship teleports 25 KM away . Not flies away but teleports away . Leaving you stranded . … We all know the difference of it flying away you can watch it slowly fly away . I mean POOF … gone lol

It’s been reported to the devs many times now since the update. They have yet to resolve it.

There is nothing we can do but be patient and keep reporting with as many details as possible so they can reproduce it.