"Revival" of HWS+ an option for Rexxus?

Hello my fellow space explorers,

i am willing to give HWS a new try after years in RUST. RUST inherits brutal PVP 24/7 hehe, so i noticed that while HWS RE has a good chunk of players, HWS+ is dead. Completely dead. 3 players or something online at peak times.

So i suggest to bring some PVP back to HWS, maybe HWS+ and HWS RE can be combined ? The concept to do this seems quite simple to me :

Leave base zones with simple ressources PVE and place all the rare stuff into PVP space/PVP planets, like Zascosium, Erestuim and so on.

By that players can play the game, do POI and build up to some degree. But for death stars they will need tons of gold and other rares. To get these they have to take the risk traveling into PVP systems.

“But some veteran player will come and shoot my starter CV with his death star !!! whine whine whine”. Yes, thats true. Try to jump back into PVE space before Mr. Death Star pirate has your warp drive down. Then build your own death start and kill the scum !

welcome back!

empy is pretty much a different game than u remember. much has changed since u have been gone. ie: we can no longer warp out while under attack. there is a warp & teleport cool down when taking damage.

RE is also a completely different scenario than HWS+. they have vastly different configurations and resource lists.

i highly recommend checking out what is different before suggesting a complete overhaul of a scenario Rex has stated he will not modify many times since the RE server started.

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With all due respect, just because the numbers are in RE doesn’t mean that even 0.1% of them would ever even contemplate PvP. It’s no longer the game it once was for PvP. It’s better for Rex to keep focusing on making HWS+ more attractive for those looking for a better alternative to RE.


Well, so some “Win or Die” scenario in PVP space ?

This is complicating the PVP issue, indeed. And also the PVE issue, if a bunch of Zirax drones is chasing you in a weak cruiser.

Considering that, which easy-to-change mechanics can be used ? One option is certainly, to make the planets in PVP systems PVE, and vice versa. By that you can flee into space, if someone attacks you on the planet. Or flee to the planet, if someone attacks you in space. In this case you have to wait on the planet till the pirate is gone of course. The correllian frigate chased by an imperial star destroyer should have tried exactly that in the start of episode IV :slight_smile:

You see, there are no problems, only opportunities :smile:

again, this is the direction HWS+ is going, PVPVE. RE is based as a single player or small coop. changes to this should be brought up with the scenario’s developers. Rex has his own universe he is developing, HWS+. he has stated many times how he has his own mod and does not wish to fiddle with someone else’s work. HWS+ is the new direction of PvPvE. not RE.

You obviously have no idea what this game has evolved to. I support your ambition for PvP 100% I wish there was enough population to sustain a good PvP server, but to take the last remaining success of a dyeing game’s life and say, “let’s change it, I want PvP”… is kind of like wearing a fishnet condom - it’s the thought that counts.

Bob nailed it - Reforged Eden is more of a PVE single player or co-op scenario, in order to convince the newer player base (I think a majority of empyrion players are 1.8 or newer) you would need to have an outstanding amount of resources so that their losses are worth it in their eyes.

An idea of having a PVP star cluster might be more viable, however once you mess with the majority’s resource collection it would kill whats left, so gating resources behind PVP would be a huge mistake compared to the RE vision.

TLDR: You should play a round on an RE server before suggesting you kill them.