Reward Counting Problem on Voting

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What happened: Voting does not count up sometimes
Player(s) with issue: BlizzardCrow
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 07.07.2018 12:18
Playfield: ECC
Structure Name(s): -
Structure ID(s): -
How can we help you now: Just the second time now, that i voted in a row but getting the reward from the previous day again.

Hey @BlizzardCrow

yes, sadly this happens from time to time.
@Jascha tries to cover this next time with just checking “if value equal == true, then +1 rp and + 7000 cr” automatically.

Gave you the missing reward manually for now

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That was just amazingly quick. Thank you for this perfect support! :slight_smile:

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@RexXxuS is there a way for us players to help mitigate this problem? I get it every couple of days. I’m not looking for you to take action. Just curious if there is something we can do to help the tool out.
Like, is it maybe because our time of vote vs when the tool does it’s check? So maybe the tool is still thinking it is day 7, when it was a day 8 vote.

Hey @darthn8ers and thanks for your thoughts and suggestion about it!

Actually it is like that:

As soon as you vote on the 3rd party website with your steam login, a database of them gets your vote. Let’s say 3. Then, it is a weird “per day basis” logic. In fact it is “every ~7AM it gets resetted”.
Anyways, all I do now is: call the API (their database) and grab the vote count from you (=> 3).
Next day, their database gives me a 4 and so on, if you voted.

However, during the process of voting and claiming (each different database tables) there must be a delay. While I grab the information as soon as you click, their database must have some delay or so.
Hence you click on cliam and you still get the reward from day 3. But as soon as I reload their database for example it shows me a 4.

TL;DR: a claim request from a player seems like a database refresh on their end which is the worst.
To make it 100% bulletproof I either should be able to send a “fake” claim request to their database which does not count but updates their counter, so you can get the right reward OR they implement a new API Call to ONLY get the vote count, separated from the rest, which I requested but got a generic “thanks we will consider it” response.

Both issues can’t be fixed by you or us.
ONLY thing we might implement now: a command which checks your history.
If reward of today === same as day before ==> +1RP && +7000 credits

Hmm if I understand all that technical stuff. :grinning:
It sounds like maybe doing the third party vote at a given time, then waiting several hours to claim the vote from HWS connect might be a work around. Giving the third party API time to refresh the day/vote count, and your tool the ability to get the accurate count.
I’ll try that this week and report if any issues continue.
TY for the detailed (although above my head) response Rex.

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Thank you for these reply :slight_smile:

Maybe the Idea from @darthn8ers is not bad until you made an workaround with the API.


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