Reworked HWS Terms of Service (ToS)

Hi HWS Community,

I try my very best to have a clean and legit infrastructure around all the game itself.
Hence a first draft of a new HWS ToS got applied now. (it will be worked on together with a lawyer even more)
So if you want to use the HWS website or are generous by Supporting us with your hard earned money, please make sure to make yourself familiar with our reworked HWS ToS.
You can find it in the imprint or check out the reworked Support Us page:

In that combination we also changed some background infrastructure in HWS Connect. (more to follow)
If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

P.S.: Since some wondered: “W3DG” is the company name I had to create for the German Tax Law system. Since I am a Web Developer and create websites for Customers as well and love to work in Blender 3D, I came up with the W3DG - Web 3D Gaming name.


After some very expensive Lawyer sessions I have updated our Terms of Use and Support Us website again.

Germany is the most strict country on this planet regarding this, so we have to inform you also about your Refunds & Return conditions and other stuff.