Rex , Public Opinion is turning against you regarding "never ending drama"

Rex. You approached me in private communication stating:

"Hey Troublemakers,

so I skip the part that we are tired of it but can you clarify why you playing with the rules again (camping warp spots, killing beginner on Earth, grief people (“they ran into our guns…”)?

Before we waste a lot of time again crawling the logs and collect evidences before putting you all in jail / ban maybe we can sort it out this way quick?!

And this time please spare your high-end-skill-english and provide some screenshots or videos maybe?!
We had earlier an “OPx” faction with also a lot of passion in PvP. They were blamed too but always provided screenshots instead of blah blah. So the community understood very well how their playstyle were and accepted it.
In your position the F12 button should trigger very often :wink:


Let me just begin with your piss poor attitude towards me with no real evidence except that which was provided to you by Statler.

Rex Quote
"so I skip the part that we are tired of it but can you clarify why you playing with the rules again (camping warp spots, killing beginner on Earth, grief people (“they ran into our guns…”)?

Those are your words Rex. You came to me with your mind already made up , and took Statlers word over fact, who clearly grossly misrepresented the facts. Otherwise how could you be so predisposed to judgement?
It [your predisposition ] was blatantly apparent from the beginning of your statement. And now, everyone gets to see it, and you, for the
referee that you are not.

So when you claim that I am in Jail because I was extremely disrespectful let me just make it clear to everyone, that you came into my space with a bad attitude, and a total lack of impartiality and no objectivity on the matter whatsoever.

Impartiality: (also known as even-handedness or fair-mindedness)

This is generally known as the quality to seek for in a referee. You are a referee in the purest sense. You have persistently demonstrated a heavy favor for PVE/Carebears.

Let me make this much clear; that THIS is why we are so upset with you. You are not impartial. You are not even-handed. You favor Carebears, and you are pompous about it, like some aristocrat from the 1800’s pretending you have women fanning you with peacock feathers to barroque trumpets playing your anthems before you speak.

Let me also state what we had hoped to find on your server:
An impartial Admin/Owner.
People to compete against/with.
Many hours of enjoyment free from harassment for being PVP players.

So please spare me your self entitled impatience, Rex. You have created this endless drama that you
so lavishly pass off as an endless headache by not putting your foot down about the rules and abiding by

You have once again arbitrarily changed and or added to the rules to make your argument valid, first stating that I violated rule number 5 then changing it to disrespect in private communication so that you could pass your arrogant adjudication.

So here. I give to the community its opportunity to judge for itself. Let them read your bad attitude by your opening statement into my domain in private communication. And then while you are at it, try and sell them your pile of bullshit about who was disrespectful or not.

This is my response to your opening statement supposedly you based your judgement for me being placed in Jail.

So lets let the community decide.
In fact, lets may post this whole thing on Public Forums so EVERYONE can see and decide and comment freely from censorship.

[Ghetto]Two Shoe$ response to RexXxus’ opening private email.

Hi Rex. I was expecting this to come up. I don’t appreciate your predisposition being hostile towards me or my faction.

We went into a battle over and inside earth fighting player “Gopher” who is camping earth and killing every noob and robbing them. He proceeded to utilise exploits using the entering and exiting atmosphere to avoid being destroyed.

I closed in on him to kill him just before he jumped away above earth while the rest of my team was trying to kill him in atmosphere.

  1. It is a PVP planet. I would be happy to link you the rules regarding PVP in a PVP area if you are not familiar with them.

  2. I landed on the surface to deploy my HV and we were about to conduct a raid. 3.5) We were attacked by multiple players. One player in a super capital that we managed to capture and keep SPECIFICALLY for the record, to demonstrate that these were not noobs we were fighting. The rest of the forces were either on the ground or in the air.

  3. The outcry by people that continually respawned in the AREA OF CONFLICT while we were attempting to capture the Super Capital we managed to core, is none of our concern. These are the people that made all manor of crying in chat to your representative , Statler.

Statler was very quick to claim we were violating any number of rules, and none of which were violated.

We do not appreciate that at every opportunity, when we have done our best to abide by your rules system, help noobs get out of noob zones with resources, and give good advise to people beginning to play PVP, that you just come and mouth off a bunch of bullshit claiming we are the bad guys for conducting clean PVP.

Maybe you need to join our faction under and alias and join us in coms and observe how we actually contuct ourselves, because quite frankly, i am becoming sick and tired of your endless accusations when we have composed ourselves and play the closest to your rule set as we possibly can.


When there was an encounter with our CV at a jump point, we were chaging systems. Whoever it is that is making that storm is doing so because they themselves were camping the entry point, we only happened to be passing through.


Feel free to observe our log of combat entries late this evening where we were in combat with TVT and Rezzy Beans players. Youll notice that we dont come crying, when have to suffer a loss in PVP.

We would greatly appreciate that you stop with harrassing us every time someone is soundly defeated and because they refuse to stop spawning while we take control of the resouce we managed to capture, they use it as an excuse to claim we were griefing them.

-You can not control a minigun turret.

-You can not know if someone on foot is armed, or is not armed.
Anyone can be dangerous to a recovery operation on foot. Be it with Plasma, Explosive Devices etc.

-We can not control players that are defeated that refuse to give up and continue to respawn in an area of conflict.

Once again Rex. You have rewritten the rules to suit your argument.

That is all.

Excuse my intrusion, despite the topic being public, but i just saw a warning and a trying of request of proves, screenshots of videos, to contrast with the logs… And i can’t see nothing of this… just like rex said: “blah blah…”

Sry, i had to.

Not sure you want the community to decide on this. When you went to the EU server, there was no drama on the NA server.If you want the community to respond, then be big enough to handle the response. So as a member of the “community” here is my decision.

I would like to see you and your faction go to another server. As soon as you and your faction arrived, drama arrived. You thrive on stirring up situations and claim to be the victim when it doesn’t go your way. You always claim to play fair and are masters of disecting the rules to your advantage. The proven off-line raiding, player griefing, flaming of chat, and disrespect to the other players, admins, and the sever owner are all reasons for my decision. I believe RexXxus has been more than patient and fair. He has made decisions that we didn’t agree with, but we accepted them. The fact that the community now is responding to this post proves exactly what many of us are tired of. To be honest, as soon as your faction came back, I stopped playing. I only log on now to make sure my ships and base have fuel in them. I think the majority of the server has had enough of the drama.

I’m sure that I will receive a string of flames from you, but I’m simply replying to a request from YOU. Again, if you are going to ask for a decision from the community, please accept their response.

By no fault of your own, you’re a carebear.
I wont be interrupting this process, either. Despite your assertions.

This isn’t a democracy. Rex can write whatever rules he wants. However, in my opinion, he’s been far more even-handed, patient and dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience than most other server owners I’ve come across in a number of games.

What keeps getting you and your group into trouble is not as much what you do, but what you type. You insist on trying everything in the court of public opinion, despite most players indicating they aren’t interested. When asked or told to drop it, you carry on, even when you indicated you wouldn’t. You also regularly insult people.

As someone said so well, you’re a guest in Rex’s house. Try to behave with some civility. If you simply can’t, then find another server.

By no fault of your own, you’re a carebear.
You also had a major reality check when pretending to be an admin, when you did not like the conversation about pvp. That lead to disciplinary action based on false contextual evidence.

Your assertions in this matter are invalid, and unrelated to the point as well.

As others have stated, you and your faction create childish drama when you lose. You boast when winning, and whine when called out on the rule breaking you preform. I do not know how old you are the rest of your faction mates are, but here is a little bit of a reality check. It doesn’t really matter if you break wholely or in part the rules. From where i am from, adults (assuming) like you are sent away, asked to leave the room and not return. Further, attacking Rex will achieve you nothing, as he is the ruler of this server and has sided on protecting your faction from out right bans, as I would have inflicted upon you a month ago.

I am by far no carebear, so don’t try labeling me one.

I’ll be more blunt…your argument is not convincing. I am convinced you’re being intentionally disruptive and attempting to damage Rex’s and the server’s reputation.

Aodhgan, you lost your credibility when you pushed your attitude on me like you were an administrative authority, because tou didn’t like the conversation regarding pvp.

Everyone that has played with Loki on a couole of servers kniws hes a carebear.

You too are a carebear. This ordinarily isn’t a problem. Carebears are Carebears.

You won’t see any actual PVP players post here [besides perhaps my faction] if they are smart, because they will become the next targets.

Thats just the truth. So please stop clogging the process with your justfications. You already threw out your credibility and we both know it.

You lied, and Rex gave you your way. I went to prison for asking you a question. I hope my day there helped your fragility.

Now Statler has lied and created a shit storm. And look, im in prison.

So lets not clog up the process here. You’re already buddies with Rex. -

-So since Rex claims I hurt his feelings in private, i think its only fair we bring it to light and expose the lies going around in circles here so the rest of the community can take part…since I and the rest of my faction are such bad people by your description.

Anyone with half a braincell that thinks for themselves is going to draw the same conclusion:

Admin Abuse
Pay to Win
Carebear Server falsly advertising itself as PVP


You bring private conversations to a public forum looking for some sort of social justice because you feel hard done by.

You try to gain favour and change opinion by bringing ‘facts’ and trying move your problems onto someone else.

If you don’t like it, leave or invest your own time running a server instead of ruining one.

A server being introduced to actual PVP isnt ruining the server.

We’ve played clean PVP and have put a great deal of energy to meet and or exceed the expectations within the rules.

That the administrator/owner cant even abide by their own rules; vastly more likely to actually cause the server to die.

This isn’t a democracy, nor is the ‘will of the people’ a powerful force, this is a server run by an admin trying to balance a lot of different factors and in some cases they will get it wrong. Not that I am making any judgements in this case.

As I have said to Rexx before, playing these kinds of drama’s out in public is bad news for a community, especially one so early in its development. There are a number of players on both sides (myself included) who have an opinion on this matter, we may not agree, we may vehemently disagree but for my part, as long a dialogue ends up delivering a positive improvement in the game/community in the long run it doesn’t matter whether I feel my opinion was right or wrong.

Taking this particular case as nothing more than an example, and thinking more widely @_Ghetto_Two_Shoe , what actions do you think need to be taken to resolve this for the longer term, so there is a lower likelihood of this type of thing happening again?

(Being fair, I will answer my own question to show willing)

The below is not intended to single any one person out, I talk in terms of groups rather than individuals.

In the first instance, I would urge the admins (and players) to keep decisions related to rule infringement off the forums and general chat. Should either side breach this, there should be some form of reprimand. Administrative decisions should be final, adhered to and then put to bed.

I also would support an Admin charter that all administrators should be held accountable to. This should be published and the playerbase encouraged to keep the admins on their toes in terms of the application of that charter.

The playerbase needs greater instruction as to the ‘spirit’ of HWS. Rules are great but they can be interpreted literally when new issues occur which may leave the administrators and players in a grey area which can lead to conflict. I would also suggest that where such things occur, all players and admins are encouraged to agree to general guidelines or even new rules which help mitigate the grey areas going forwards (e.g. the discussion taking place on underground turrets is a great example of this collaboration)

Over to you…

I couldnt understand the situation, bc I miss it :smiley:

BUT: wtf about screenshots and videos from PvP ??? My old PC, was made in 2006… It will die, if I only TRY to make some ScrSh in fights (I even wouldnt mention about video).

The situation and judgment for it, could be done only by LOGs, and mb by some “brave” guys, who made ScrSh-s.

AND ofc, PvP - its PvP. How u could speak about griefing in PvP-zone - idk. That something new for me.
Killing noobs? - What does noobs forgot on PvP-planet?
Spawn-killing? - Why people didnt go spawn at “home”?
Camping warp-spots? - Why u go to PvP-system without armor and weapons?

If everything higher, is GRIEFING - then why we didnt make all systems PvE? Than every one gonna be happy.

Guys…please calm down.
You have to understand that we get a lot of complains about you guys…and your conduct and language adds to that. That alone is a way into prison. This could have been a much nicer conversation…long ago.
And I’m not sure what you see impartial about how rex talked to you. You are known trouble makers and we dont like it and dont like to say that again and agian.
Rex ASKED you before we acted. We wanted to get YOUR opinion before we do anything. And a decision was made at the end. Live with the decision or leave if you dont like it.

So please stop these insults and that attitude and this endless discussion. Because this gets you banned at the end. And this definetly influences also the way we will treat you.
I’m not letting this go on, this has nothing to do with the case anymore. We just dont have the time for such endless discussions.

There will be for sure mistakes, there will be injustice, because we also just depend on what was said and what we see. We all have to live with it. Most people take it with a grain of salt and know better next time.
And sadly as Rex said also, real proof is often missing. So make sure to take screenshots, videos next time and good is. Especially real PVP Guys who know there way around - like Thranir for example - know how important screenshots are. Thranir for example allways made sure that he can proof his case.

Nevertheless we are not banning you. 3 Days prison (as far as i got it)… why complain, even if the judgement was not fair this time.
Its a beautifull place with some beautifull ladys. And I even prepared a home for you there. Take it as a fun trip and as a real man and let live go on.

Thanks for your understanding!

This may come as a surprise to you but my background is in Law Enforcement.

-You can not practice Justice with bias.

-The server admin/owner Rexus is biased, first favoring donators, and then carebears, in that order.

Rexus approached me in private in a fassion that is hostile when we have been making a persistent effirt to play by the rules adjusted after the last wipe regarding PVP.

He approached me as pompous and hostile when Statler lied to him about events on Earth.

Fact #1- PVP in a PVP area is PVP.
Fact #2 - Earth is a PVP area
Fact #3- Earths resources are 3 times the quality of a PVE worlds with Multiple iron meteors, all the way upto Neodymium. Why? Because its a PVP world.
Fact #4 Statler has a problem with PVP in a PVP area. Up until yesterday, it was not a probkem to conduct PVP on Earth.

Threatening me in a private email that im going to get jail time and or a ban before anything is reviewed told me everything anyone could possibly want or need to know about the referee’s integrity.

Doing so then claiming Ive been disrespectful is a smokescreen to try and cover that up.

Following through with jail time complete and utter horseshit and a pure example of admin abuse.

Oh no jascha. No way.

Rex can come out and lie some more. And Statler too.


They can own up to their bullshit, if they have the courage.

As i said: “Its enough”.

This is the last warning. Next is full ban.

Show that you are a real man and leave it be.

I will be glad to comply once Rex has made his statement.

I was directed BY REX AND STATLER to bring thus to the boards.

Well here it is, sir.

And censorship is going to be the only thing that saves,Rex from his own mess, and they will try to sell the ensuing ban as an effort to “protect” their community.


You say you were in law enforcement, well I’m in the military and they are very similar in the way we get drilled about respect.

You have none as far as I can see. Like many have pointed out. Regardless of this situation you are always entitled to your side of the story but not accepting other people’s point of view and trying to label everyone a ‘care bear’, going full guns at people that are just trying to give everyone a decent gaming experience (admins) is so pathetic.

I’m not going to caught up as it isn’t my business but respect for others is. To say you were in law enforcement grinds on me because you should know better, yea we get angry and everyone can say harsh things but to consistently throw abuse around is low and more importantly, not the way a man should behave. You are a man right? Or do they allow children to join the force these days?

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Ban. Sorry. But if you cant stop.
sjdowiee: Please also leave it.

He should have known by now that its less about what he did, but how he acts. We let much bigger things go through because those guys were nice about it, said sorry or acted accordingly. Even when they did not know it was against a rule or not. We want a good community, thats the most important thing.

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