RexXxus is is possible to disable this on HWS? Poll?

Everyone is focused on the targeting but this is a bad choice for PvP.

  • Placing a new core now sets structure to Private instead of Public

Now once you’re cored the opponent can rush core your ship and game over. No more med bay fights to survive or anything as you spawn naked. I’d rather deal with turning off turrets to move a core on a structure then have a 100k Iron ship loss due to a lucky shot and recore before I can even respawn.

I mean on the plus side it’s a chance to nab one of those Class 10 NER ships flying around out there but I think the odds are against me.


Only I see that its stupid idea, or not?.. If I shoot down core, and than Pilot - I place Core in 5-10 sec. Thats more faster than u gonna respawn any way. Your problem fictional.

This new option more better, than it was before. Some rat-style players, try to re-faction ship after someone pick core, bc ship become Public. + its stupid idea to turn off turrets, while there could be more enemies.


Is this a quote of
“Fixed” or “Changed” ?
Because I don’t know what you try to say yet.

Currently they will be set to private if you spawn them, right? But you say people can rush and core it? How?
Maybe I missing something…

That’s why you run Crew. Of course you re-faction. It’s a fight to the death not to the core. Someone drops a core you either move or your crew re-factions or you drop a core your self. Shot guns and breaching. Why do you think there are sentry turrets?

There should be almost nothing left of either ship by the time the fight is over. Ammo should be dry and you should be down to T2 pistols and suffocating.

The way I am reading this. If you place a new core on something unclaimed it becomes private. If you core someone’s ship you own it.

It’s under “Gameplay Tweaks” in Updates for 5.3 discussion.

Yeah but still… what is the problem?

If a structure has no core then well you have a problem anyways.

Or do you think that in a fight, if the core got destroyed a spiderman shows up and dropping a core on that ship so the guy in the cockpit is not able to place his spare core to continue the fight?

Very doubtful that this will happen… and if then the pilot couldn’t care less I guess.

I only see it as an improvement, if an enemy places the core and it becomes private you just shoot the core again? if an ally places it then your guns don’t start shooting it because its public so another win…


PvP battles are now to the core not to the death. Due to this change you can now walk away with a almost complete ship with full cargo boxes, fuel, and other goodies. No longer can people fight for the public core and force your opponent to come in and force you out of your ship so they can claim it.

But how you would do this? I mean without Spiderman skills?

Or let me say it differently: IF someone is able to do it: he is genius and get cookies for his skills!
This is something you, the pilot has to take care of.

The bottom line is just again that a core can be destroyed at all (assuming you know how to build ships) by lagshots…


Fair enough RexXxUs. I see your point. Lag away aye!

Going to get me some ships!

I welcome the change. You go to recore someone’s ship in the old system and you had to turn off your turrets or get shot by your own ship out one of your allies. If you get both cored and cockpit killed, you’re probably without a warp drive and would probably just get Insta-gibbed again anyways.

Honestly a better change would probably be to increase core hp to allow it to eat a few lag shots before it blows


I would love to see the core take one or two more shots. I think my adv constructor can take more damage than my core…

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i put my core in bubble wrap and now it tanks 10x harder


Bubble wrap! Brilliant!

heads to black market trader

Great now I’ll never get a fair price on shipping breakables. :frowning: