RexXxuS Statement about the recent slander harassments



recently there are many :link: guys around :link: who want to bring me down :link: again, so I address a topic here officially to keep it as reference.

The sentence “HWS is not associated with Eleon Game Studios in any way!” is a legal necessary.
It is the Disclaimer every Server Owner must put out there, if he/she offers anything for real money.
Reference from Eleon:

It means more over that HWS is indeed not working together with Eleon in any way for anything I do on HWS.
Neither get Eleon money from me, nor do I get money from Eleon for anything I do on HWS.

I’m in the Closed Tester group and help Eleon as Freelancer for finding bugs or reporting gameplay issues (mainly in MP) as everyone could do.

So I am not an Employee for Eleon nor is there any conflict of interest happening, if that is what all of these pokes are about.

If there are honest questions about me, HWS or whatever, feel free to leave me a message here or check the Guide:

(I explained everything here, what others slander about everywhere. For example that you can buy ships on HWS with real money - one of the biggest slander out there.)

Greetings from the real RexXxuS :smiley_cat:


isnt the real rexxxus a cat :blush:

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That’s what I heard too @gareth, what kind of a person berates a cat? Get the pitchforks!!


Sadly there’s guys out there spreading slader like that to ruin game for others -_-

Instead of beliving such, people should try actually coming to HWS.

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i’ve read these posts and it really seems most of these people haven’t actually played HWS/ Not long enough.

Personally: i started played hws maybe 3 year ago now, server always felt welcoming and honestly i normally do not like modded servers on these types of games. I had just come from a pure vanilla server.

Nevertheless, i found HWS and found the server community as well as the expansive universe way more enticing than the standard vanilla layout ( with a couple extra added planets mind you )

What drew me and kept me was for one that it actually wiped and didn’t feel like an ARK server where everyone has everything for years and it felt like the gap between ‘early’ and ‘late’ game players was way smaller.

Additionally, the moment i started learning the commands and then HWS connect ect i realized the true potential of staying with the server.

Lets be honest, farming for me is fun, but just as anyone else im sure, it gets boring and tiring. with the previous servers i played it feels like your grinding/building towards nothing in the end except some rather large pvp battles ect.

Here. on HWS, you have the Orbital Cargo Drone which when you really grind for it can store now up to 100k item slots for you on wipe, this to me was the definite deal breaker.

I can load in on wipe day, get off starter, get to planet i choose and already be set to do what i need to do i.e late game farming/commodity trading what have you.

In short summation. HWS server feels human. these folk are crying about these mistakes that mistake this that and the third. But everyone can make mistakes and as someone whos played actively on hws watching chat and all its for sure not how these folk are making it out to be.

Thats just my take, @RexXxuS


People are too quick to make a judgement before learning the facts.
Guilty of this myself on occasion… not with this situation though.

I think also players will have more opportunity and feel more welcome on HWS these days in order to learn properly about HWS simply because they wont be witnessing huge slanderous faction arguments anymore.
Which is one thing a majority of decent players do not want to see when they are trying to ask for help learning features on a complex server such as HWS.

There is a fresh new community feel in town.
It smells like a new car in here nearly compared to when i first started stamping my feet about a few weeks ago (entering pvp channel).

RexXxuS it sucks you have to keep reminding people of these simple facts that eleon and HWS are non related.

I don’t know where the slanderous statements are but don’t worry yourself too much about it, you have your disclaimers in place and your back is covered, if people choose to ignore the facts by not reading then you are not to blame.

Always be haters for those who make something great.
I have had my share of 10k players wanting to cut my head off :smiley:
Just gives me the fuel I need for the hellfire that is furious ^-^

Hey I got enough fire for you too bro, point me at the haters and I will counter post them until they choke on their own bullshit and go hide back under the rocks they came from…


Don’t waste time defending yourself against trolls, they will just spring back up next week with a new bait and hook.


This really wasn’t necessary. Frankly speaking, it’s their fault for playing on eleon’s official server. That’s like playing on anarchy in MC.

Don’t let it get to you @RexXxuS an’t nobody important :slight_smile:

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Hello Real RexXxuS :cat: .

Mate ive said this towards u a couple of time. First your doing a good job on this game. Second MP wouldn’t have been what it is now without u. Your true supports are here on HWS and wont let u down :slight_smile:. Focus on them, There actually worth it. Focus on your work for Eleon. Those haters have to hate. And tomorrow they will find a new thing to complain about.

Without u and @Jascha i wouldnt have been where i be now. Both of you always helped me with my own server. U trusted me to help u out on the Official Servers. U even got me a job at Eleon.

Every update i read on HWS you put allot of time into it, allot of tears, and allot of engery. Dont let those haters win. Dont give them what they want.

Keep it up mate,
U know where to find me if u need anything. My support u have till the end



My friends and I are very impressed with HWS, a game we would have gotten bored of eventually is revitalized with the HWS server features.


Where be a troll?


Life is full of Trolls and Greifers. Just delete the posts and bann the poster. Don’t respond as it just empowers them. Don’t do anything public at all. You do a great Job here. I’ve been playing around for weeks on 2 of the 3 servers and its a wonderfull and professional job to be proud of. Again, DO NOT feed into the gossip and trash.

Keep it up
Grampa Ozob

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Feed me plz. I am nOOb, can I Empyrion with you?

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I am NOT trying to get in a heated debate nor having people fly off the rails. Please, out of respect clarify this: Empyrion staff

If I were called or given the title from Amazon, Inc. as “Amazon staff”, theoretically I would be an employee. Honestly though it doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t, both candidates in the drama bs are both; 1.) A great company and 2.) A good guy. Please clarify that directly coming from Hummel.

You stating “So I am not an Employee for Eleon nor is there any conflict of interest happening, if that is what all of these pokes are about.” is a bit contradicting/deceptional/misleading. Like I mentioned above, I am not into the whole drama bs. I am too old for it but I had an honest question.


From what I understand, rexxxus is a volunteer for managing eleon’s official server. When he refers to the fact that he’s not an employee for eleon, he’s mostly referring to the fact that he’s A: not on their payroll. B: doesn’t have any legal binding contract or need to support eleon and C: does not receive any benefit from maintaining eleon’s server.

The drama comes from people associating rexxxus with eleon, since HWS appears very official. Really, it’s just a confusing mess of community contributors that aren’t actually employed by eleon and don’t get anything out of helping them. Rexxxus naturally is very close to empyrion’s community, because he’s the owner of the largest server in said community. That comes with some grey areas as to how much he’s actually responsible for.

In short: He doesn’t work on the game, isn’t employed by eleon, and is treated as a “staff” member mostly because he’s got admin on their official server.

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Zackey explained it in better English than I could.

What Hummel meant with staff is that I’m close to Eleon.
Be it as freelancer (in Germany it does not mean I’m part of the business financially. Employee in Germany is a time bound contract with a solid salary), be it in Skype meetings, be it bug reporting, be it helping with documentation, so you can profit, be it testing highly unstable experimental patches like the unity 2018 one recently, etc.


Well put, the both of you. Thank you for the clarification.