Rhea stuck on lucifer

Hello, I think I’ll need an admin to help me out because last night i was mining a little on lucifer in my hws garage ship, a rhea named dabs drilldozer (ship id:22598017) and when i logged off around 5am i had parked it back on my cv’s hangar. When I logged in today i noticed the drilldozer was gone from my hangar but still showing on the map. When I took an sv over to check where it was it was only showing the name about 250m in the air, and right next to the green wall, but no ship, hopefully I can get it recovered or reimbursed thanks, -TheMadDabber17

Update to the issue, is it seems its not just stuck to lucifer, I traveled with my cv to elemental and the ship is still showing around 7km away but the ships not there just the marker and name for it. So it seems the ships is still connected to my cv somehow but its not showing at all, thanks.

The ship was in the “Death of Triangle”. Means near the orange barriere AND the green wall. This will always result in a loss. Stay there away at any cost!
Restored it from backup. Just login…