Ripped off by DerpyOwl and ChefMon

Server: NA

Type of Offence Committed: Grand theft

Time/Date of offence: 11-17-2016 early am or mid day.

Player/Faction accused: DerpyOwl & ChefMon

Player Faction reporting: VIA

What happened? We had two players in our faction, DerpyOwl and ChefMon who were participating members. Derpy was very active and chatted Chef was a noob and quiet. This evening when I logged in, most of our resources were gone. We had an extensive inventory. The accused were no longer in our faction when I logged in. Many hours of mining were lost. Even my CV was looted. They also parked all the ships in the water by the base.

Why did it happen? We were nothing but friendly and accommodating.

Evidence: I don’t know how to prove this. Please help if there is a way.

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