Road to HWS 12 | New Weapons (Poll to vote for details)

Hey HWS Community,

continuing the Road to HWS 12, I’m excited to present the Teaser to have more new weapons in HWS 12.
Since most of the relevant Config files for Empyrion are now open to configure for everyone in combination with Scenario dependent tracking, we can elevate HWS to a total new level.
Or other put: if you think HWS was until now special, wait for it… :nerd_face:

In this video for example I tried to implement a wish from me that is 4 years old: finally an Alien SV Weapon! :alien:
The sound and name are still open for change. HWS Patrons suggested many cool names, so we make a Poll below to choose the best for HWS 12!
The winning name (suggestor) will get 4 of those new weapons as reward in the new season.

What name should the new Alien SV Weapon have?

  • Zipper
  • Autolasers
  • High Frequency Cannon
  • Seeking Plasma Ripper
  • Coherent Ionized Quanta
  • Plasma Eraser
  • Extra Terrestrial Laser Discharger
  • Pulse Launcher
  • Ion Launcher
  • Xeno Assault Weapon
  • Alien Plasma System
  • Guided Fusion Cannon

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(if I forgot a Patron name suggestion, please let me know!)

Bonus: What sound should the new Alien SV Weapon have?

Sound 1 = from the Teaser Youtube video
Sound 2 = watch below

  • Sound 1
  • Sound 2

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I’m excited for the results! :slight_smile:

As special Teaser I will also reveal 1,5 other new weapons I planned as a very first draft:

  • HVs will be able to equip the static (SV) Rocket Launcher weapon from the SV. Couple of players requested it in the past and I think as a tank, to have a slow straight shooting missle, makes sense and motivates more pilot skills
  • CVs will get a new static Alien weapon as well. Right now CVs have only 2, so I am thinking to add a big one. The current Project Code name is “Alien Energy Railgun”. It will shoot one red laser projectile and that’s it. The reload time will be 3 minutes or so.
    But if you hit the enemy with that one shot, the shield will go down to 0% with 1 hit.
    I was inspired by some movies I think… and the sound will be this:

Let me know your feedback and stay tuned for more!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: Click on the #HWS-12 tag to see all HWS 12 Teasers and already released / upcoming content


That CV weapon sounds Mean!!! cant wait!

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volume full = check
bass full = check
plays vid…
house still shaking 8 hours later…


MAIN CV LASER ONE SHOT weapon :slight_smile:

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OR like that?

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@RexXxuS, you forgot about my name suggestion. “Antimatter Cannon” or “Antimatter Missile Launcher”

Sorry, I will add all names I missed in a final versus-Poll together

I think your still missing a name that was suggested on your YouTube post.

“Xeno Assault Weapon”, sounds like something Eleon would name. :sleeping:

Sound 1 1st Video
Sound 2 2nd Video
Sound 3 PEW PEW!

Alright, I closed the Polls above, since we need to progress!
Thanks everyone for voting until now!

The sound poll was more or less close, so I will decide for Sound 2 as well.

Now, the final poll is about some final names that came in / I forgot.

  • Xeno Assault Weapon
  • Antimatter Cannon
  • Neutrino Vortex Projectors

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That was kind of the point of why i chose this name… it goes with the game and the lore of the Game and server, stay blessed <3

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