RP after Wipe

Rule 6.2 Donators keep rp after a full wipe. I have 0 after the wipe, did I miss something?

You missed announcement where they would wipe it to balance things.

That rule took place at the beginning of 5.0. IT means from here on out. They had to reset back to zero because of all the RP that was floating around out there, for example old alliance players that hung out in med bays. But they did give you 7k credits per legit RP that you had at time of wipe.

It was no rule but thanks for letting me know this artifact.
mcprouty explained it but generally RP will be something unique connected to HWS which is with every season something new to achieve. The OCD is already (too) powerful to keep between all seasons for some reasons.

Even without AFK-ing you could get 1000 RP as a no-lifer. It was just to balance things in general. Also admins punished people who didn’t even use the medbay to stay alive. AFK-ing in general (not just alliance) was forbidden as a secret rule.

Thanks, like I said “Did I miss something?” Guess I did. Probably wouldn’t hurt to edit the rules in the guide to reflect changes.