RP/Death Penalty PvPvE Discussion

Players Death Count x 100cr. plus 1 rep point is the current formula for each death.
Example - @100 deaths a player will pay 10,000 credits. @ 200 a player pays 20,000 per death.

IMO this will severely restrict the amount of players participating in Faction Wars, Player Events and normal PvP and PvE. As the season goes on and players death counts rise fewer and fewer players will PvP. A good PvP battle that lasts a weekend players can expect to die multiple times. (When Op4 invaded Ice World I died about 15times from my ship beating me to death before the first shot was fired.) Sever PvP events will find it harder and harder to get participants. In a CTF event a player could die literally dozens of times costing them 100s of thousands of credits.
Veteran factions like Op4 have players with the keep 70million donor packages. That’s 700thousand credits interest each day(@ lvl 1) to pay the bills. However most players don’t.

For those PvE people who think this does not concern them. 6.0 has a lot of new ways for you to die. This will raise your death count significantly especially for those who have yet to test 6.0. POI’s are necessary to acquire required armor, boosters, and upgrades you will need to play in 6.0. Expect to die there.

Things to consider.

  1. Backpack retrieval. We’ve all been there.

  2. Spawn Camping / Force Fresh Start.

  3. Death from game bugs. (Not critters)

    For a PvE server this level of death peanalty would be appropriate. For a PvP server this penalty level will only restrict all forms of combat, and is only beneficial to the trader origin as combat in any form is normally avoided. Interested to see what other players, noobs and vets alike think.


Oh crap, you lose credits on top of RP per death?!
I lost 2 days worth of RP trying to solo a POI i’ve never done before and that already broke my heart </3.

Yes death penalty is what limit casual players to go pvp i think, like me :), not really the credit, but the rp lost.
it should be limited to a max per day or a percentage.
imagine a new players dying 20 times against a poi,
I think he would like to leave the game or do less risky activities ^^

sorry for my bad english.

One day there will be no death penalty, only materials and a repair to blueprint button and everyone will go pvp :slight_smile:

maybe just making a formula with the number of hours ingame so that new people don t suffer too much like
rp lost = 0 if played hours on the serveur < 100, because people with 100 hours have a good ocd AM EB etc

Anyway thx rexxus for the egs recycle function, you re brilliant :slight_smile:

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Yes this is on my list for 6.0 too.

However death is and should never be taken as an excuse or natural thing.
Maybe in Quake or other shooters but it is an survival game. The penalty must be high.
And our system is in first place born because of these nasty ammo drainer.

I have some ideas to improve this feature though to encourage more PvP and better reward for not dying that often in PvE.
Not 100% sure if we can get it done till the release.

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Let me say it again ammo draining is dead since 3.0. Any player will use the drone to ammo drain if they desire .

x10 credits per death wouldn’t be so bad. Still sting enough to want to avoid dying but still allow for
participation in PvP and many of the events that Op4 and many others are planning. But for most the grief
you get from others for having a crap K/D ration is penalty enough.

As for ammo draining. I see this a legitimate tactic if there is a death penalty it should no longer be bannable.
I never considered Ammo draining a threat. Why, because I have more than 2 ammo boxes for my entire base.
2 per Ammo type would be consider the minimum. I run anywhere from 4 to 8 so I don’t have to make more
while I’m defending prolonged siege. We have taken bases that had as little as two ammo boxes. I parked my
HV Tank to the sound of a thousand Click Click Click Clicks. Someone even commented "Another 1 LMAO"
referring to the minimal ammo boxes. They did have losts of Storage boxes though. Go figure

I would like to see more of a penalty for dying in the game. At the moment many people play it like COD/Halo multiplayer - “If I die so what i’ll just respawn - grab another ship and go”. I’d support harsher credit and RP penalities (real negatives to being in debt) for multiple deaths in a certain time period. For instance, 10 deaths in a game hour - 10k creds or something like that. The difficulty in such a system is making it scalable. You dont want those newer players with fewer credits to be disproportionately affected.

To avoid negatively impacting PvP levels there should be some kind of bonus the other way - there has been movement in that direction with the new guilty kill rules (3RP+ per kill?) - hopefully that helps but maybe it could be boosted in the future.

What I really dont like seeing when hitting B is ratios like 3 kills:300 deaths. If those were bug related deaths then that guy is very unfortunate :slight_smile:

Here is the thing… The difference between minimal ammo boxes loaded and whatever amount you choose to have to feel safe, is just time. Give someone enough time with a drone or respawn button, and they can drain 2 boxes, or 20, or 200. Doesnt matter. Its the fact that you are now out some amount of ammo, for absolutely no loss on their part. This is why it is considered an exploit.

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I think the biggest draw back of this type of punishment is that each death has the same penalty, if I try logic it out a bit maybe a good way to calculate losses could be based on which option you choose, having “respawn nearby” as the most heavily penalised and spawn to nearest clone bay as 2nd most penalized, home as little to no penalization and then fresh start as nothing, then at least we have an option to either loose a lot of time by fresh starting if we want to avoid Rp and credit loss. Not sure if the server can pick up which option was pressed thou :confused:


I think you should only be able to rezz near corpse once (in case of a bug or you being dumb and taking too much fall dmg). Then the option should be grayed out for the next 10 minutes (some might argue even more).

Or even better maybe, make choosing rezz near corpse cost credits that goes way up each time you choose. Like free once, then 100k, 250k, 500k, etc for the next hour. Should probably have a confirmation popup that says how much it will cost and ask yes/no to confirm. ppl will not pay that much to ammo drain, but might if they really need to get back into their large CV to save it.


I think Kogamy’s suggestion is GREAT, link the penalty to the distance you respawn, i dont know if it is scriptable but it would be a very good idea

Well if this is the case when there is an attack databases, etc… And what about the defenders? They die sometimes 30 times during the fight. Imagine 3 defenders were all killed and had to respawn on the starting planet. Until he gets back, the base will destroy. The best option is to increase the spawn distance. But for example after 20 death within 30 minutes - spawn on the starting planet

He is another thing. Remember when you lost all integrity. I do. You opinion is irrelevant.

As entertaining as your little personal vendetta is, it doesn’t invalidate my point. It is not an opinion. It is fact. Insulting someone because of personal issues any time you have a differing viewpoint is the hallmark of a weak mind. If you want to participate in a conversation, please try bringing something of value. Otherwise you will simply continue to be hilarious.

First mcprouty I started this conversation.

Insulting comments? I just simply reminded you, you have zero integrity which makes you opinion irrelevant.
When you decided to get your buddies and go to Admin to have a player banned because he hurt your feelings but failed to add that you were also talking trash. That’s a integrity hit you wont ever recover from.

Here is what I think. You’re a trader. This Death Penalty System favors you. You show up here in this topic start trolling so Admins will close it. stop the discussion and keep the current system in place so it keeps benefiting you. That sound about right?

I’ve presented my opinion on the Death Penalty and what I think would be a better compromise for all players.
At this point topic will be trolled until closed.

Btw ever think that the reason your threads keep getting closed isnt because the admins have it out for you, but rather that you are actively being abusive and unpleasant towards anyone who will listen? You love to play this card, but can you point to a single instance of a thread being closed where you WERENT being unreasonably douschy? Also starting a conversation doesnt make you the god of said conversation, and allowed to just ban individual people from being able to talk about it. I brought a legitimate and neutral point to the table, and you responded with hatred.

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Had to ask.

Mcprouty what kind of ally starts scrapping another allies ship knowing they are still in a battle?

Seems you have backed yourself in a corner. Lets talk about integrity and how you have none.

Still in battle? lol You were logged off. I followed a guardian ship in black hole to try to get him to ally up with us. He led us to a cored ship floating dead in space. I asked him (Sir Ramza) if he minded if we snagged the wreck, because he was the only person in his faction online, and it was unlikely he would be able to handle it himself. We started scrapping it, and about 5 minutes in, you load back into the game and get WRECKED by Sir Ramza’s ship. Then proceed to scream indignantly that we killed you somehow, and that we hacked or some such nonsense. I offered to let you into my ship so I could get you out of the line of fire, and away from the site you kept spawning at. I also offered to get you a replacement ship, but after your snarkiness and being so rude, we just cored it, slapped on thrusters and a warp core, and warped it out of there.

But here is the thing, this has all been said before. Over and over again. So it will be the last time I type it out. But just know that you have done nothing to impugn MY integrity. I keep my word, and no amount of empty claims from you will prove otherwise.

So after I came back from LD. I stated that was my ship. Your whole story falls apart with your
response “Scrap is Scrap”. At that time we were allies. You offered no assistance. But used your ship
to block me from getting to mine.

Now I know Colin2Cold and I were new at the time. You probably assumed we were an easy mark.
The faction we had joined had all quit. At the time we were. But now Op4A dominates every server we play.
Easily won both the NA and EU server PvP events. After we beat Lot, you got mad an quite forfeiting a
shot a 3rd place. (Even After Receiving A 1st Rd Bi).
You spent your final days before 6.0 hiding on your donor planet trying to scam players into giving you
their gold and epics to hold. Finally not playing at all.
We spent the final days ensuring our new recruits had plenty in their OCDs and testing for 6.0. You will
spend this season on your donor planet or not playing. The moment you show up in any accessible PvP field
we will be there to remove you. Anyone who chooses to side or trade with you will be marked for the same.
Op4 is ready, Is LoT?