RP from fragment and question regarding rp

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What happened:
=> I have found and claimed fragments 1&2 in EU and my activitly log confirms is however my Player Info only shows 1000 points. also should my eu rp and na rp be being combined or are they tracked separatly. I thought they were combined. My NA only shows 435 presently.

Player(s) with issue:
=> elzn

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> As of 7 July at 14:30 rp from frag1 had not shown up

20-07-07 04:58 HWS Star-Fragment found

Found Fragment 1 and received 1000 RP

20-07-06 01:26 HWS Star-Fragment found

Found Fragment 2 and received 1000 RP

=> EU Homeworld was where fragment 1 was claimed

Structure Name(s):
=> n/a

Structure ID(s):
=> n/a

How can we help you now:
=> 1000 rp from second frag claimed and confirm if rp in na and eu should be consolidating.

Elzn, did you CSW before you got the RP on EU? It can take up to an hour after collecting for it to be registered.

I had the same issue, I got the EU star and had to come back to NA while I was waiting, therefore having to void myself of getting some of the rep

yes, I returned to na right away. do I just need to return hand hang out a while or will R or J have to correct it.

Rex or Jascha will have to fix it, I’m still missing that 1k rep from over there despite going on a few adventures across the pond.



See the Cross Server Warp (CSW). RP follows you on the other server.
And you were just too fast.
Let me know when you are online on EU again.

Im online at at EU ECC Racom and can stay there for the next 6-7 hours if necessary.

ok, gave you the 1k RP now

I see the first 1k from eu and my ~400 from na have consolidated but the 1k from the second eu frag isnt showing yet.

checkout my activity log, entries copied in original ticket. I should have 2k for 2 eu fragments and 435 from NA. Only 1435 is showing in my player info at the moment.

Thankyou for your help. Sorry to be a distraction.

There is no “consolidation”. Don’t know what you mean with that.

I saw. Two times you did a CSW too fast… gave you the missing 1k RP now. Wait next time until it’s verified in your egs:info.

Jascha might implement a manual option soon.

it takes up to like an hour to get the rp from the star fragments. You have to stay on that server and not csw until you get it or it will go to your offline char holder and be overwritten when you csw back to it. You can logout or do anything else but not csw or you will miss it.

Thank you, Ill wait next time. It looks like it caught up to me I have my 2.4k I expected now.

By consolidate, I meant that after the first fragment, I had 1k in eu and 435 in na. everything is reflected in 1 place now. eu shows 2.4k and na shows 0. I assume that will flip when I csw back. I never paid much attention to it before.

All appears well, Thank you.

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