RP not calculated correctly


I checked my stats and I think there are some (minor) issues with RP calculation. Below you will find my records, As you can see I did sell some eres and zasco (9:52) on the HWS marketplace. Als I was in the Elemental Capital. I did some trading there (e.g. bought miner cores), etc. I spawned there, so maybe that is why it did not trigger.

Not looking to get my RP back, just want to let you know so you can improve the game if needed :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work,

aernoud (EU server)

0 11:13 Sell_Item Received 24.975 credits for selling 999 Sathium Ore to Raganak
10 08:50 Faction_Bonus Received 1 RP for warping,Received 7 RP for 77 autominer cores,Received 1 RP for no PVP structures,Did not visit Elemental Capital City. No RP received,Did not use HWS Marketplace. No RP received
9 16:31 AM_Fuel 9 fuel into AM Magnesium Ore (direct). Now: 9
9 16:31 AM_Fuel 9 fuel into AM Pentaxid (raw material) (direct). Now: 9
9 16:30 AM_Fuel 8 fuel into AM Neodymium Ore (direct). Now: 8
9 16:29 AM_Fuel 10 fuel into AM Erestrum Ore (direct). Now: 12
9 16:29 AM_Fuel 10 fuel into AM Zascosium Ore (direct). Now: 12
9 16:29 AM_Fuel 10 fuel into AM Gold Ore (direct). Now: 12
9 16:28 Buy_Item paid 450.000 credits and 0 RP for buying 30 Auto Miner Core from 󠀡Beastwood
9 16:25 Connect Changed reputation by 9
9 16:25 Connect Changed bank credits by 63000
9 16:25 Container_RP Got 1 RP for having container 542
9 16:25 Connect Changed values: Add MaxStamina: 150,
9 16:24 Connect Received items: 1 * 2302,999 * 2299,1 * 542,
9 09:52 Sell_Item Received 2.475 credits for selling 45 Zascosium Ore to lionheart_top
9 09:52 Sell_Item Received 2.250 credits for selling 45 Erestrum Ore to

Hello @aernoud

thanks for the logs.

So you are wondering, why you didn’t get RP for using the HWS Marketplace, right?

In one case I see in the log lionheart_top. This player however is Alliance:


See here for reference:

Ahhh, yes. Forgot about that part of the rule. Tnx for your reply