Rp vanished

so i had 302 or 303 rp and then i went to eden and placed my ship on the planet
i havent played the game for 2-3 days and now when i came back i got warning to leave eden cause i had no rp
i went and did a fa:info only to see 0 rp lol, the site shows 0 also … my question is was there a rp wipe or something,
i cant find anything on forum about that … or i am just “lucky” to have it vanish?


thanks for letting us know. It was actually a bug that caused it. I fixed it and gave you your reputation back and 20 extra.

Just to let u know, i have similar issue, i’m losing 2 rps per day for a few weeks now…

thats Global scan :wink:
Just turn it off