Rule 2.2 enforcement!

Hey all,

we are quite stressed with a lot of new things coming very soon but this does not mean that you can do whatever you want.

Rule 2.2 for example is a very important and serious rule. If we have evidences or checking it by ourself from time to time we enforce this without excuses.

On NA the faction NRA and some of TuT experienced that for example. They are in prison for a certain amount of time and all RP are lost.

Once again make yourself familiar with that rule!

Noob Protection: as soon as you left the starter planets (Mars, M32, Earth, Kelt, Anovoon, Moon) you are not allowed to come back (exception: pick up a friend or help beginner)

And don’t forget: this will also apply if you spam your Auto Miner on Earth for example. The starter planets are ONLY for people who joining the server. The experience for them should be fresh, nice, lagfree, cool, etc. If they get irritated with AMD from “old” player or even worse empty deposits or get killed by them it is a no-go.

Your HWS Team