Rule 3.1, warp camping question


So, I’ve been living in my cv and, on RE, I can haz solar panels! Love it.
After learning about different luminosities, I started logging out sitting by a sun.

I try to stick with B or, the holy grail, O suns.

Have I been camping this whole time?

Certainly not my intention. I’d love to be able to keep doing it next season as it is so nice for the nomadic lifestyle but if this is a bad thing, I will surrender myself to the nearest jail cell.

Please to advise?

that was mainly meant for PVP sectors. we are not allowed to camp warp in points to give others a better chance rather than being blown to bits before the warp animation stops. however it is a good idea to move a few kilometers away from warp in points if you’re in a popular system. others warping in can accidentally clip into your ship.