Rule Break 2.1.2 | Respect the work of others

Hi HWS Community,

just a quick and transparent announcement that we do not tolerate if someone is breaking one of the most important rules on HWS: stealing others blueprints and publish them in the workshop without permission.

This wasn’t done in almost 4 years of HWS history, so it is sad to see Kerry go forever.
But it was his full intention to damage other players as written in personal messages to the creator. (a conflict between OPG and RED)

I will discuss this issue with other moderators and remove the blueprints from the workshop if necessary.
Videos and blueprints were shown to approve the real Creator of these blueprints. It was 100% stolen and published without permission.

This is an isolated HWS issue and please, do not let any conflict go beyond this game and make such heavy attempts to damage others.
The creator of these CVs spent a lot of hours into his work. If you know me then you know that I value blueprints the highest!
Play fair!

Your HWS Team