Rule update ? Base guns limit

If we can still have multiple bases beside each other then there is no limit on guns.

Just tossing out there before someone gets there base nuked down the line.

I’m curious if we still do cheese like docking HVs to CVs and using those as turrets. I have a 50 device CV that I could probably strap another 4-6 HVs. Not something I did but it’s crossed my mind.

Never mind that it’s possible to build a ‘base’ that is essentially a standalone turret.

Personally, my general take is that if more than the permitted number of turrets are able to shoot at a target, you are in breach of the rules. Just because they cannot be enforced via a script doesn’t mean it’s OK to do.

In short - I’ve taken the approach of “if I have to ask, it’s probably not OK”

Not working in 4.0 anymore.

I consider this as Teamwork + Challenging defense. Why should we limit this on a PvP world.
There are only 2 big problems still around in 4. Ammo draining and turrets shooting through lava / terrain.
For the first one we have a kind of fix. For the seconds the rules.

This is DennyBo, i am not sure how to change my user name…but since you mentioned ammo draining…Needed a clarifcation if ammo dumps are legal while assulting a base? Been having trouble with people just dumping a large CV or SV with a ton of blocks in the middle of our base redirecting our guns while they assult us and eventually draining all our ammo. We also been attacked lately by 50+ device cv on our pvp base in 4.0 is this going to be handled via forum or built in-game where they can’t land planet side if too large? Ty for your time sorry if i am posting in the wrong place.

Well as long as you have all the diggers like thranir its hard not to get turrets that shoots thrue terrain.

It was discussed some time ago…
Droping a big ship or other stuff is a legit way duing an attack. They spend somehow resources for it so it is just a way to play war. Since the human history it is a tactic during a war to have a kind of battering ram.
It is PvP after all so make sure what you have placed there, have always backup locations. Especially Bases.

Nevertheless let’s see how it will be in 4.0 with the new meta changes.

Ammo draining just means throwing his body or the F5 drone into turrets with intention over and over again.