Rules of Engagement?

“Traders attacking trader is bad and dishonorable. So I will now attack Traders as a Trader.”

Logic checks out.

If you don’t like Traders, just become a pirate then.

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The logic is that traders are the most honorless faction and the faction that raids everyone anyway. Pirates have more honor and more roleplay. They somewhat supposed to leave stuff intact (go for the core) or ask for a tribute or whatever. But as a trader I’m basically free-for-all kill all raid all plunder all leave nothing behind.
So if I want to perform dishonorable stuff: I pick trader.

Other reasons to be trader to kill traders:

  1. camouflage tag. “I’m a trader don’t shoot!”. Then you open fire :).
  2. you can dock on THEIR planet to restock for battle again. No pentaxit needed. Easy to escape.
  3. you do not have to warp. Just leave orbit and you can start looking for targets (I think).
  4. They have the best npc packages.
  5. They have the best OCD cooldown for PVP (this imo should have been given to pirates).
  6. I get protected by the Alliance (lol). Though some alliance are now also hunting traders because of all the fake traders.

My faction name is probably gonna be: Trader Hunters :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as there is no rule that somewhat enforces the faction guidelines, factions don’t exist. Or perhaps allow lawless factions to chose a faction perk of their chosing. So that everyone who doesn’t want to roleplay can go lawless. The no-perks-penalty on lawless right now is way way too big. So they all pick the faction with the best benefits and go al yolo.

Enjoy being part of the problem.

So here is a more in depth response.

Here is the deal - Homeworlds is ultimately a role-play server. You do not have to role-play if you don’t want to. Go Lawless and do your thing.

But if you choose to take the incentives of taking on a certain role, be it trader or pirate or alliance - you should also play the role you took.

It doesn’t matter if others are not following the guidelines. There is still a clear cut line of the actions you SHOULD take as a trader. If others don’t follow them, that’s on their conscience - but it’s no excuse for you to do the same.

Be the bigger man and either play the way a trader should be played or go lawless and pirate and kill Traders.

Just because it’s easy to be a Trader and kill other Traders and others are doing it does not make you any less of shitbag for doing the same thing. Especially if you KNOW it’s the wrong thing to do.


Going Trader and hunting anyone down is a shitbag move.
Especially people with the whole “Well your base shot at me, so I reduced it and everything you own to nothing” excuse, that’s like ignoring a “Trespassers will be shot” sign on restricted gov’t property and trying to sue them for shooting you