Rules of Engagement?

I quite like the faction system on this server, and the light RP it should entail, problem is that it seems people are just using the tags for the perks and not caring about staying true to how that faction should act.

What point is there to having an Alliance faction if Traders are using their bonuses to arm themselves to the teeth and hunt down and raid pirates and lawless? Not to mention Trader factions forcing other factions to fresh restart , when even in the Pirate information it states that you should not wipe peoples bases, just focus on the core and looting.

Honestly I think there should be some more depth to rules of engagement than what the table entails, such as making civilian factions, like Traders, only being able to engage someone if they are obviously approaching them, and not being allowed to raid, that’s what Bounty Hunters or the Alliance are for no? (Even the Alliance guidelines state that they should not be the ones to shoot first, should this not be the same for Traders?)

The story and RP are what make this server attractive, but it seems we have a lot of children and casuals exploiting certain tags (mainly T) for raiding purposes, not for the roles that were intended,


I agree with OP. Some of the ROE’s need to be fleshed out. (and in an r/explainlikeimfive type of way… That way everything is on black and white)
I understand people want to play how they want… but if you’re abusing a faction tag solely for the perks, that’s ridiculous. Something needs to be done about it but at the same time, how do you go about making sure everyone is following the rules so that ALL parties walk away from an encounter with that nice feeling? I respect role play and if an event occurs where I get my deck wiped, as long as it’s done right, I have zero issue with that. It’s the abuse to get an upper hand that gets annoying. For instance: Lawless decides to throw up a trader tag for the purpose of hunting traders because traders who follow rules won’t fire first on another trader. That’s abuse.
I’m a Trader/Merchant and have a firm understanding of how a trade character should act and conduct themselves. Sure, there will always be that rolrplay where traders want to do black market activities but that shouldn’t give you a license to just kill, wipe faction bases etc. As a trader.

People’s playstyles will vary but a lot of this is common sense. Every time a player breaks a rule or blurs the line at the gray area, it takes away from the gameplay experience of some one else. I’ve played a lot of role play servers on other games and man… They’re strict with the rules and what happens when you break them. I’m not saying anyone’s a pushover… Just that the contrast is stark.

I wish people would respect other people enough to care about not just their own gameplay but anyone involved. That would sure be a sight to behold.

At the same time dont use a Bad Trader to paint all of the other traders. A lot of the Traders dont and will not agress. Obviously if you get close to a CV, etc… in a PVP world you will most likely be fired on. But thats mostly because of the ship auto defense.


I don’t use a frigate with auto firing turrets for that purpose. The frigate (CV) I’m currently using has a total of ZERO hardpoints… Because traders don’t run around armed to the teeth. That’s what Alliance is for; to protect merchants. Not saying don’t have a few weapons but… Come on haha. If you’re gonna choose a role, be exclusive to that role and try to put yourself in the perspective of that role. All games have limitations though.


By no means do I think all traders are like this, I have just come across quite a few, and its gross, and takes away the fun and significance of all the other factions.
Ive been killed by raiding traders more than anything… besides starvation and spiders, damned spiders

I mean honestly, if people don’t like limitations they shouldn’t pick a server with a story and roles, plain and simple.
I even came across someone complaining and arguing about killing yourself to soak bullets, trying to say it’s a legitimate tactic

My friends and I are relatively new to this server and are loving it.

We are a trading faction and have never attacked anyone and have no intention of doing so.

Having said that my CV has a number of turrets and they are always active in PVP space, so if you get near it, it will arc up and shoot at you. If you back away I will not persue. If you continue to attack, then feel free to drain my ammo. I will retreat before it’s all gone and you will have taken some loss.

Why do I arm my CV? I have yet to see any alliance around to offer protection and there are a LOT of players more than happy to try and take what you have and see you dead.

Just my 2 cents.


and thats exactly how I feel. In PVP space. Weapons ON. If I see a ship I will move away from it and do my best not to engage.


Let us know how the Trader are played after our 4.0.3 meta patch (Trader Nerf).
As I wrote there: we don’t have a good way to enforce this automatically. And to do this manually all the time we need to do it as a fulltime job.

If you have ideas of doing it still automatically, let us know.
I think the best API we would need is “Player A” killed “Player B”

Traders do not pick up stranded people at all even though they MUST… Also people return to earth to farm there after leaving it… But then again, most stranded people (not including bugs) are some serious noobs. They don’t know the basics of the game and helping them is really annoying/hard.

Also, most Traders can’t set their ships to public in order to allow a stranded person to get on… unless they are an Admin or Owner of their faction.

Trader’s need a way of giving stranded people a ride without going through some super complicated process.

They can spawn a cheap warp ship, they can build an extra seat if the other person is lawless / has no rp. They can sell them a ship. But the problem is that most stranded people seem to be complete noobs. Short and rough version of what happened:

Help I’m stranded!
You have nothing in OCD?
No I don’t know how to use it.
You got nothing in the blueprint factory and no ingots their either?
You live on a PVP planet and ur base had 1-3 turrets total as defense and you got no backup?
My faction members are on earth now farming resources. I’ll go back to earth as well if I could just get a warp ship
That’s not even allowed… You are on Jaggal now, you left earth…
But I need to farm with my faction members
I’ll give you a free warpship.

took 10 minutes for him to temporarily join my faction and another 15 or so to walk North to my base, he was really close but he was afraid of the (destroyed) drone base, didn;t know how to cross water, etc…

I spawned him a warpship, but even that was too hard for him. I fueled it for him, but still… omg… So I was like, you get 3 minutes now to leave before I kick you out of the faction and my turrets will shoot you.

3 minutes later he died over and over again inside my base… Took me like an hour to give him a fully functional warp ship… But nope… He was too noobish… So I can imagine this to be an absolute horror for traders aye. Also his faction mates were such big noobs they can’t even trade him stuff through the wanted… He also doesn’t really follow advise/instructions…

Then he complained about his backpack being in my base… I checked it… It had garbage, a T2 drill and a few T2 autominers and that’s basically it. A fortune worth dying 100x for… He should never have left the noob area!

But regarding the traders, admins could make a new char once in a while and strand that char in random planet/orbit and ask in global for a trader to help. If no trader responds then all traders who are not afk get a RP penalty. But if a trader helps out that trader gets some currency/RP.

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First Admins have enough to do and are over worked.

2nd Force traders to do anything is not a good idea , Where would it stop ? Force bounty hunters to take the bounty and kill the group / person ? Force alliance to come protect traders when pirates show up ? Force unlawful to ? Force Pirates to attack / pvp everyone at least once a day?

It is the spirt of the game not the law that must rule.

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Yeah that’s true. It’s a guideline not a law and you are right, admins have too much to do already. But I often feel that these factions mean nothing. It’s hard to see what faction someone is until you already shoot it. There is no flag or something above their ship and there is no ‘faction-alliance-system’. A trader base will still shoot another trader flying too close and working together is a lot harder. And again they never help stranded people, ever. Never saw this happen.

So far I feel that it’s best being trader (OCD of 7 min is awesome in solo-PVP), other traders/alliance won’t raid your base and they probably make up the bulk in the universe right now making it a safe pick.
However, if you never die and take hunter, you get an insane income/day at some point + this is the only faction without moral guidelines so you are always true to your role. But their supply package is meh…

I know I personally have warped to Earth and helped newbies atleast three times in he past week. I have a template for a small vessel that I spawn in as public, with a little seat on the back. I get them the help they need, then either deconstruct the ship or give it to them, then move on about my business. I agree that there aren’t alot of traders playing traders. BUT as of the trader nerf, I HAVE noticed a lot less fake traders playing as traders. You take what you can get.

Atm it is really tough to not shoot at other faction mates. I am pretty sure the Dev’s know about this issue and are trying to work on a fix. Atm it is out of Rex’s control. All we can do is try not to kill each other off before this is fixed.

set the password of a passager seat to 0000 is not working to let it open to public?

password is not working atm , I don’t think

thats sucks… i was thinking to build a “bus CV”.

I just found out that traders behave like pirates anyway. In fact pirates have more honor than some traders… So regardless of my own faction I will always purposely open fire on traders even if I’m a trader myself. It’s not against the rules (only a guideline) and again, traders = worse than pirates.

Faction name/tag means nothing to me anymore.

I might even go and build a base on the trader planet so that I can easily shoot down traders who warped in and are enroute to their planet (not warp-camping) and then store their looted stuff next to them on the trader planet :D. This way I can easily restock new ships, no OCD cooldown because PVE planet and targets everywhere while having a camouflaged tag :slight_smile: