[RWT] Res-Q Wagon Traders


Future Clients: Got stuck? Starving? Out of O2? Can’t get your backpack because mob spawns too stronk? Ping Res-Q in-game and we’ll try to save you if we can. Just look for the Fire Engine Chartreuse and White Cross heading your way and follow the arrows to safety.

Future Members: Hey you! Wanna to fly too fast and too dangerous into dubious situations and help questionable people who might just get you killed by a mob of hungry raptors? And do it flying a green so bright you can taste all 130 herbs, plants and flowers straight through your eyeballs? OF COURSE YOU DO!

So come fly with Res-Q Wagon! We got the Res-Q Wrecker (CV, modified “PvP Refit: Warp Docking Ring”) that can hold three SVs on its flatbed, and the Res-Q Ranger (SV, modified “K-76 Korppi”) for getting in and out of hotspots. You can even bring your own ship (BYOS) so long as it’s BRIGHT CHARTREUSE and marked with the faction tag and White Cross while on duty!

So yeah, that’s a thing.

Hit me up if you want to do something awesome. Donations to the cause are also always welcome. Fly dangerous.

Ships pictured/modifed
CV http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697557516
SV http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=679106202

Tis cool concept, KCA did plenty of rescue runs because people kept spawning on Mercury for some reason xD I would figure out your wording a bit better in this ad, plus be mindful to have your public entities empty of valuables. Alliance escorts should also probably be a thing.