Salvaged drone swarm processor

Hy all, have a quest, were is the bast zone for farming salvaged drone swarm processor. I go in blood nebula , but is far far awey, if you kow system or area near to hws homeworld or nebula is the only? I have read the salvaged drone swarm processor, is dropped only from drone in this area… thatsa is true or cane find it from another enemy?

there is debate on which is the “best” place to farm them. I found the most efficient place for me was on hell planets. u get less amount at a time but it’s faster and easier than chasing loot boxes floating away in space.

ok i try in hell planet, tnk. Another quest, hell planet is in class star??? You attack the drone similar the space or another faction?

hell planets are usually located in hotter systems. O & B are most common. the m1 systems have been known to have them also. just enable the info panel on the top left of system maps and use filters on the right to see inside discovered systems before wasting fuel to visit.

the drone harvester POIs are the exact same as drone space but do not move. stationary targets are much easier to demolish :wink:

ok, thanks for info

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