Sanctuary is still down

It’s been down for a while now. I just want to grab my base ammo and leave. It’s been down for a goooood minute now. Please fix. A lot of people cannot play due to this problem. @RexXxuS @Jashca @hopskotch

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coughhournotminutecough :stuck_out_tongue: I am stuck everything I need is on SAN no response for a while

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Lol yeahhhhh it’s been a while now. I’ve had some of my guys rage quit while waiting. :sweat_smile:

I love this place and I love what content they provide!! But I think this Season has been Annoying asf for all involved :stuck_out_tongue:


hopefully someone walks by and hits the reset button soon…

I’m gonna be straight honest and I’m not in the mood to be nice… so brace yourselves…

This season is sh!t.

Still waiting to play on your server. A lot of people are.

Sorry guys. Sanctuary has a massive problem. Not sure if Harddisk is down or whatever it is. We are on it. Trying a clean format.
Backup was made.

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I guess we forgot to post it here too:

Sanctuary is up again.
On 3 Playfields the Structures lost Groups/Fuel/O2/Signals (so the same as with CSW) and are turned off.
Playfields affected: OP4/Adastras/Kta HQ.

But all structures should be there and also filled.

Sorry for that but the Server-Crash was quite hard.