Sanctuary Server update

Sadly we have some trouble lately on the Sanctuary Server.
Therefore we will update windows and restart the server. This might take a few minutes.
Devs are also checking it since it seems to be also steam realted… who knows.

I’ll keep you updated here.

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Server will be up in 5 minutes

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Ok Server runs again. Hope its fixed. For security i leave the restarts over night.
Will see tomorrow if it is really fixed

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What exactly is the problem for all this buggery?

Actually we don’t know yet. We have different possible versions and devs told us that Steam has some problems right now and as they can see its steam related.
But why only on that server. So wee will check further.

So its not really fixed now, but we have a few more things we suspect.

Good news: Steam is working again and since then we had no more trouble. lets see if that holds.

Well I guess it was really a Steam problem. So far no more problems with the CPU :).
The extra restarts are deleted again.