Scariff kicks me off for being on a restricted playfield any my bases say they are deleted

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What happened?
=> scariff kicks me off for being on a restricted playfield any my bases say they are deleted.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Dumpster Sauce

Server? (EU or NA)
=> EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> 20:55

On which Playfield?
=> Scariff

Structure Name(s)?
=> The Garage 6, DS Landing Pad, sv zoom bee

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> 5029108, 5084300, 5090315

How can we help you now?
=> You just letting people make planets public and then private them to take peoples stuff or what?

Yeah, yeah, as always passive aggressive towards me - which I won’t tolerate for much longer I can tell you.
In this case: the owner did not renew the planet, 90 days ran out, simple as that.

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During a season I switch them to HWS faction in case the owner decide for renewal. I don’t remove the playfields directly.
Before building on a public supporter playfield I always advice to contact the owner and get intel.

Where has this been posted? I’ve been around for almost 3 years and never seen this suggests albeit I tend to skim through things.

I always assumed if it doesn’t kick you off because it’s restricted than it is unrestricted.

If you just assume and dont ask, you dont get some informations. And RexXxus cant implement popups for any casualitys.

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So make a banner at ecc inviting everyone to the public planet, and then in the middle of the season poof oh you should have been a psychic and known who the person was and then asked them if the planet was going to stay the whole season or just randomly become inaccessible in the middle of the season and what kind of retarded pay schedule makes public planets fuck anyone over who put stuff on them in the middle of a season, it’s completely retarded

maybe it should say per season or some random week in the middle? :joy:

Everything is explained correctly already if you click on “Details” on the support us page for the custom planets, and then actually click on the link in there that says " please make sure to read the overall specifications here! ".

Directly from that link,
“If a player acquires a Supporter Planet/Space with only one month remaining in the season, they would still enjoy 2 more months on their Supporter Planet/Space during the next season.”

And then,
“If a player wants to keep their Supporter Playfield after its usual lifespan, they must re-support. HWS needs to plan the next season well in advance, so whether you do or do not plan on keeping your Supporter planet / space, be sure to let @RexXxus know your plans for the next season.”

So this is exactly what happened here.
The 90 days ran out, and they didn’t contact Rex ahead of time to schedule it for renewal.
So now the playfield belongs to HWS for now until (if) the original supporter decides to renew it.

Take your issues up with the original supporter.
Or better yet, blame yourself for not looking into who owned the playfield and what their future plans were for it (or lack of plans for that matter) before you built on it…
Don’t blame HWS for you failing to look into things properly, that’s your responsibility for playing on the server.


So making an advertisement in ecc welcoming everyone to go and live there and then it just locking them out 1/3rd of the way thru the season is perfectly acceptable to you?

Thanks @TwitchyJ!
I couldn’t said it better!

Maybe he will finally read what was written, in best case apologizes and don’t always come up with but but but scenarios, twisting words, which just tries to evade his responsibility.

Look how this could have been totally solved alternatively if he would actually care:
“ah, 90 days are over? OK I see. The news guy at ecc still advertise the planet, so for new players i would suggest you remove that. But I have built beginning of the month on it and would really like to get my stuff back. can you help me please?”

And I would say : “ah thanks for reminding me about the news guy! Will do. yes ok, let’s meet and I will set the planet only for you temporary accessible so you can recycle your stuff there.”

BAM. issue solved like humans. Is this too difficult for you dumpster? Do you need to keep your dick proud up or what?
I do not reward or tolerate your behavior and If you have a problem with me, just leave. Ffs

Edit: btw. I always know if you try to pull something out of your hair, that is not relevant to the discussion, when it is in fact crap in the first place.
I have set Scarif to HWS faction yesterday, but you didn’t care about your structures for way longer.

The HWS News guy is just an excuse for you and a way to attack me, cause I was one day too late, removing him from the Dialogue. No new player entered Scarif in the last 24 hours. In fact only you are commited to Scarif in the first place.


the news guy wasn’t even talking to you, it was replying to the other people in this thread that act like it’s perfectly normal for planets where you make a base to suddenly become inaccessible and kick you off of the playfield like it has become faction restricted and for your base to show as deleted in structure commander. No, I didn’t care about that base, it was the principle, it was a public planet, now it is kicking me off as a private planet and it says my stuff is deleted. Anyway I already used my super ultra abn hacks to get it back.