Scar's Introduction

Hey Everyone!

I go by the name of Scarface Elder of Blood-Adders. I was actually told by one of my clan buddies and long time friend about HWS and Empyrion and how it would suit my play style and that it’s in space. You see myself and the clan itself came from a very old space simulator called Freelancer believe it or not but the game was released in 2003 and that’s the date the clan was created! Holy crap were old now!. Myself played freelancer for a good 8 years solid with the clan our longest activity streak was freelancer then Eve online.

I am awaiting the release of 6.0 on HWS before i join the server so in the mean time i have been trying my best to meet some of the community and make some friends although i am sure BA will make some enemy’s later on.


(SS from the FL Days)

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Thought it would be quite fun to include some old freelancer screenshots for anyone that can stretch that far back! I believe @RexXxuS also played FL :slight_smile:

Here we see 2 battleships and a super battleship(Lharg flying it. Victory dreadnought)

Vorlon planet killer dominating Omicron Theta.

Our allies -=Raiders=- Who we created the TSA alliance with made up of pirate clans. BA and Raiders being the founders.

Here’s another screenshot with us and also one of the Dev’s for the mod we were playing called TNG. That big battleship you see was called the Warlord Bob(Ship was actually created by the devs in honor of a child that died from cancer on FL) also believe the SS was taken in the Fringe System. (Wow my memory goes that far back!)

One of our Signatures that honors our past from Freelancer.

Sorry for this nostalgic reply :smile:

Welcome! scarface!!! It’s a pleasure to have you and looking forward to gaming with ya on HWS.

We’ve already spoken on Discord, but it’s cool to see Youbhere and the nostalgia for an awesome game. You should fit right in. :wink:

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I admit that I missed a lot of the modding era after playing it for years but that game is for me still untouched… It was just awesome. Thanks for the history memory flash :slight_smile:

But some people already found out that I am bringing stuff from FL to Empyrion cough cough… especially with the 6.0 release some people will… haha… you will see… :slight_smile:

Welcome and have fun!


Now that has me interested I am glad that i gave you a memory flash :slight_smile: Always nice to go back and remember!

Welcome! I believe we have spoken briefly already on the Discord but hello again regardless. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks guys! I hope to be on the server once 6.0 is out:D. But in the mean time i am working on some ship redesigns for 6.0 hws.

Have redesigned the interior so that it is more battle ready. Still more things i want to do with it before ill consider it ready for my liking. Not too sure about the clan name on the crab considering the entire ship is supposed to be black.

Welcome to the community.
Make good use of this forum not only is it a place where a lot of people have a good cry. Where rexXxus starts watching eating his popcorn. but it also has a lot of information about what the server entails To make things a little easier on you guys look into the server AM and the OCD. no other server does this along with many more commands.
generaly the community are fun and make you giggle but there are a lot of ppl to like to give the pain but cry when its given back to them. Good Luck and Have Fun.
See you in Game.