Screen Freeze/Shake. Unable to turn. Auto-moves back to original location

Hey all, I apologize if this has been discussed already, but I can’t seem to find it and haven’t had any luck with responses within the game. But this is what’s going on:

Soon as a log in and spawn on terrain, my screen shakes really fast back and forth; kinda like it’s freezing.
If I try to turn Left or Right, it shakes even more, and quickly turns me back to where I was facing originally.
If I walk forwards or backwards, I might make it maybe a couple meters before it then throws me back to where I started.

Using the drone, works fine. No movement problems at all.
Everything else in the scene, seems to be moving ok as well. (ie: players walking by, ships, ai, etc)

Things I’ve Tried:

  • Restarting Game
  • Restarting Computer
  • Steam File Integrity check (and reinstalling the entire game, after this didn’t do the trick)
  • Suicide within Game
  • Changing Skin Color

Game runs fine in Single Player, and haven’t had an issue on any of the other servers I tried out.

I really would like to not have to reset, as like everyone else, I’ve spent a lot of hours into this game. If anyone has an ideas (other than completely resetting. I already know this will probably be the answer), please share.
It almost seems like the Server’s database has stored my location, but now cannot write to it and is conflicting back and forth with the client data.

Looking back again, it does seem to be the same exact time interval between each time I get moved back to my original location. I’ve been looking into the EAC process to see if that’s conflicting, but doesn’t really seem to be making a difference.


Hey Mike,

I warped you away from that position. Maybe it helped.

Can you provide more informations how it went that way? Motorbike maybe?


Candy helped me with very similar issue. Great new bugs in 3.0