Season Feedback - Class Sizes for Orbits


A number of players on discord have agreed to change the class sizes for homeworld and black hole for CVs.

These changes are:

Class 5 CVs for Golden Globe Orbit,
Class 7 CVs for all other orbital playfields.

This would be a temporary change until a debate on if the global limit should be class 5 or class 7 could take place.

Here’s a poll for your voting pleasure:

Would you like these changes implemented?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other

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I’d say maybe size class 3 for BH. If we say size class 5, they can just camp orbit, and if an SV wants to go to GG, then it’s size class 1 SV, vs size class 5 CV…


Yeah that might be an issue, but with the recent speed changes for SVs where they can go about 20m/s faster then CVs I don’t think that’ll be too much of a problem… becides… black hole is dangerous! :slight_smile:

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Is 2 days we are playing… already a change without even try?


So, Black Hole was Class 1 also in the previous seasons.
That would be a total new change.

Regarding all the other Orbits… I made it at the moment dependent on the player progression.
Walla System, Pandora System etc. Class 7.
But since the Homeworld Moons + Homeworld Planet itself allows only Class 1, I thought it would be better to sort high Class ships out before they could be abused on the planet in the first place.

6 minutes warning should be enough to find the K button on the keyboard or fuel it + K.
The feedback / observation was basically: the hotter the PvP, the smaller the Class size.

Pandora Planet is ultra hot but I thought Class 7 for the Orbit is something you have to sort out :wink:


You can give it a try if you want, I already did and didn’t really like it.


Mid season changes should be only for emergencies.

Take a poll -once- each season, go with the results of that one pole and leave it alone.

I’m particularly disappointed to see the results of one poll

Ignored or pushed aside by people who didnt like the results.

Granted, I thought class 5 was a better option all around, and voted as such, but why the hell should I vote on stuff if in 2 weeks somebody is just gonna try to get it changed mid season?

And how much can the admin work on new features if we’re constantly pulling him for stupid shit that was already voted on and settled per last seasons poll.

Funny enough, this is the second time a certain group has tried making poll after poll to try to get the server to change to suit them - last time it was whether or not captured ships can be sold.

Oh hey, look, im on the forums again. I used to be ingame having fun, but then a bunch of stuff I liked got changed with the power of crying on the forums. Things used to be fun but this is getting dumb.


There are a few ways this negatively effects my gameplay, and its almost entirely quality of life. Logistically having the pvp hub system class restricted like that is rough. Many players have experienced DC’s on warping, often finding themselves in a seperate system from their CV when they log back on, a problem that could easily take more than 6 minutes. Combat wise I don’t have a lot of fun in a Class 1, and I hear that opinion from a lot of players. In pvp on one of the outlying sectors If someone is engaged with a Class 2+ Cv in PVP they can go straight to HW Sector. To those worried about running into a class 5/7 CV with your class 1 SV, a class 1 and a class 7 have the same gun/turret count, and if they are built right your class 1 SV is going to lose that fight against any class, assuming a competent pilot.

  1. it is not mid season. It is very early with my disclaimer still in place. I said I’m open to feedback and so it’s still time for adjustments.
  1. The survey, as often, does not respect all details. Looking at other charts about PvE vs PvP, Class 7 always wins.
    However, as I said above, Class sizes in the HWS Universe are also dynamic - dependent how “hot” the PvP playfield is.

  2. You think Class 5 is better and Zackey suggest Class 5-7 but you try again to blaim “them” for suggesting something “many” agree on?
    That is nonsense logic over there, only trying to do the by now boring ABN vs TAW toxic bait crap.
    Just stop it and indeed, have fun ingame - without any silly finger pointing.


So, after even more complains / feedback via PM in Discord, I’m open for changes and changed the Homeworld System to Class 5.
Especially because I disallow CVs on the Homeworld Planet. I think this is fine to push the CV PvP performance in the orbit by not going full Class 7 mode.

Black Hole, as very dangerous Orbit stays for now Class 1. Especially because Golden Globe still allows Class 1 CVs to deploy HVs. I don’t want to let a Class 5-7 CV per default into Golden Globe.

The other complain about the 6 Minute warning time.
Well, try really to not build at the limits.
If it’s class 5 = 5.49 then don’t fly with ships which are 5.40 big.
Keep a “safety zone” in case your ship get damaged.
I’ll observe the outcome. Most important for now are planets. In orbit you can warp away at any time anyways. If 6 minutes are too short for the orbit, just let me know.

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It’s horrible. Make uniform standard limits for all systems and planets. These all different limits just make it difficult to play.


This whole system of restriction should be simple and understandable. Not exactly the same now.
Ok, maybe single limits are not possible, then make 2 some standard. Do not do more than two.


You do realize that the 300+ survey Class 7 was a general question?
Not referring to PvP. Not referring to Black Hole. Not referring to Homeworld System?
You did read that I said it’s early season and I was not able to finish everything 100% and am still open for changes / feedback?

You miss couple of points mate and I just wanted to point it out.

I value every feedback but in the end I can’t make a 100% poll, nor can I make everyone satisfied.

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