Secret Freelancer Code


Hello Community

I think i wrote down the secret freelancer code, but i cant find the sheet
( i guess, my kids took it and used it for drawing :crazy_face: )

is it possible to find this code anywhere else(freelancer hq), or just at freelancer cryo?

thx 4 help and hints


On Freelancer HQ, look for Freelancer Decision - I think that’s the right name, it’s probably the only Admin “Freelancer” anything on the planet. :space_invader:



That´s the right building… now i know, i truly had the wrong number o.0

thx, i owe a beer :wink:


and i am still trying to find the code… -.-

in the 4 romms and crypted…

tried the torches, the dark blocks, other things to count…

still no code 4 me

(sorry, just wanna cry a little bit^^)


Sorry, not helping!
I figured it out on my own. It can be done.
Besides, we’re not friends nor teammates.
There’s very good reasons things like codes aren’t published in the forums.
Keep trying, and Good luck!

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i dont want to publish the code, for sure.

Lust want top know, if someone figured it out or someone is like stupid/blind as me^^

I´ll try till I die :wink: thx