Selling Schematics on the Marketplace

I have multiple copies of some schematics and am curious if there is a plan to make it possible to sell them on the marketplace? When I try to put them on the market from inventory they all end up with the same id instead of the individual copies (advanced bandages, rich asteroid mining drill, etc.).

Can you please post the item IDs of them? Which one exactly?

Schematic-Enhanced bandages
Schematic-Heavy Railgun Turret
Schematic-Rich Asteroid Mining Drills
Schematic-Heavy Blaster Cannon
Schematic-Advanced Nanite Injectors

Tried to use ` and di but I cant seem to get the id number to pop up when I pickup, target in inventory, target as they float in space, etc. the items. When I drop and pick them up…they identify only as token until they are in my inventory.

you can put them in your players inventory and check the IDs in OCD section of HWS Connect, your inventory is shown there, together with IDs when hoovering pointer over items

All of them show as Token (5401) Components

aha! There ya go. That is what I needed.
Tokens can’t be put in the OCD and can’t be put on the Marketplace.
Tokens are special items with a meta data bit. Which is 4 digits.
That meta data isn’t included in the API yet.

Ok. Thanks for the info. Hopefully at some point they’ll get put in.