Server and Game button grayed out

Hello. My EAH is connecting and everyting is working fine. Except the Server and Game buttons in config are grayed out. I need to change max structures. Will I have to just go in through the playfields button and manually change each one?

My server is hosted from a game hosting service. They have installed the tool on their end. Is there something that I need to ask them to do to allow me access to these? Or can I edit a file on the server itself to set the max structures? In my gameoptions.yaml it is set to 2000.

  • ValidFor:
    • MP
    • Survival
      MaxStructures: 2000

In the playfield list there is an option to copy it to all playfields.
The config og server and Game is grayed out on the slave tool. You would have to do that on the server.

Chaning it in the yaml is enough. But EAH warns at 300 structures by default. To change that see PLayfield list and the copy button.

Thank you!

Even though all of the playfields are set to 2000 my players are still getting spammed with messages about too many structures on certain playfields. It’s set to 2k in the EAH Playfields window, and the gameoptions.yaml.

Can you show me the message please?
Did you activate Config\Structure\Structure limit control ? If so check the Playfield list again for max structures, as well as the second tab.

See here: