Server Config (Food)

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Eleon modified food templates
Player(s) with issue: Everybody
Server: All HWS
Time (cb:time): After 7.6
Playfield: All
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: Please reduce food consumption speed. Eleon modified food templates, now long perish time foods (caned and so) require non farmable component. Please reduce food decreasing speed since current levels make impossible long expeditions on barren worlds / space (where you cant hunt or find non farmable ingredients)

Might be a good idea to add canned food to the pizza place

Hello @roboo

the food consumption is and was set to Normal. Few things to keep in mind since I don’t intend to change that setting:

  1. heavy armor drains your food like fluid water. Watch out!
  2. it is harder to make food now but to be honest that is part of survival. Not only new community projects can raise like food delivery services and so on. Especially the market is now your place to go for earning money or spending your money. *Remember: our HWS Marketplace has a fridge cooler A+++ 7000 system. Your food does not spoil there and you can trade EVERYTHING. The ingame marketplace don’t offer some food stuff to trade).
  3. Exploring is more fun again. I have send in discord a list of planets where you can find the plant for canned food now.

Overall I like the direction. Maybe you realize now also the ultra powerful feature of HWS Skill Tree - having 1000 food instead of 500?

It all makes sense I hope :wink:

Yes, ofc, it makes perfect sense and I thought about before I posted.

However, from my experience collecting stuff from ground is utterly boring, even if you have everything carpeted around you.
Probably less than 10% people enjoy it. I can bet market wont follow the demand, most people will complete ignore the expensive food type (in terms of acquiring whatever nonfarmable components and craft it).

If Eleon wanted to be smart, they should have increase the output for canned foods, with only one fruit as input.
Fruit would still be required, but it would have been much easier to find on market.

However, the new change complicates, as I said, expeditions on barren worlds, eg. GG.
Personally I would save myself from trouble and go straight for ration packs.
Basically farming for food is a closed chapter for me (and probably many others).

Go hunting! Mules drop lots of milk now and dinosaurs drop eggs.

I see where you are coming from and I made some tests myself.
Not that good since I didn’t optimized my playfield.yaml files (playfields) for that lemon thing.

I will prepare my own config…

You can get emergency rations in many places (NPC Trader is good)

Yes, I did, 350+, should last for 10 days real time. Plus the hp.
Anyway, I did check today and canned food is again craftable with farmable components (had to redirect some corn from plastic production). I do not know if it is temporary, or whatever, but in the mean time I will craft as many cans as I can, since one can lasts 20 mins RL time (+ the hp).

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