Server Crash

Hey guys,

I think we recognized too late that DDoS happened all the time. They managed to bring the hardware of the server down (booted in rescue mode). I am in contact with the support and try to fix it with some magic command hacks.

Good luck to all of my haters. Haters gonna hate.

As soon as everything is fixed - I let you know.

That sucks! I wonder if it’s pirates revenge.

How’s it coming fellas. I hope all is going as well as possible. If your having problems on the OS side of things feel free to hit me up for support (pretty sure I remember seeing one of you admins saying something about windows updates). I’m new here to the community but always willing to lend a helping hand, or if you just need someone to bounce ideas off of so your not running in circles, either way Ill be here.

Thank you Bilbo for your offer! Really happy to see so many positive feedback! :slight_smile:
The machine got rect and the new machine is already in the setup process (windows updates, installing steam, etc.)
We thought about another server anyways cause the CPU usage was too high.

If the new machine keeps still problems we have a big problem you all know of - PRE ALPHA ships crashing servers. We will do action against it then.

Stay tuned guys. I hope we get this ASAP running again.

Sounds good. All the best wishes and fingers crossed so we can all play again. Cheers.

Alright! It’s up again! Hope everything will be alright! Good night and thanks for you patience!

Hey Rex, Just saw the post saying it was back up. waited roughly 10 min to make sure there wasn’t a restart but I’m still not showing anything for the server in the list. just reporting it here so it can be looked into if need be take care guys and GL. For the record I never saw it up I was away. if anyone did see it come up or did log in plz post here for tracking purposes.

Just checked, at this point in time yes the server is up. I only saw two people on however which seemed odd.

So here is something else odd…When I logged in a minitue ago. I saw 2 of this server. one with 0 people and one with like 6ish. I joined it no issues. a friend joined no issues. then it crashed. Now this is were its still weird, even for me. I still see one server HSW 0/50 I can join and no one else sees it. while I’m in with all my stuff. it is an earlier version of what I was on prior by about 4 hours, I know this cause of my constructor and crafting times etc. now my ? is wtf. in this weird instance all my blueprints are gone. completed in progress etc, roughly 50k iron and prob 10 of all the other “common” resources. ie silicon cobalt copper. Now when my friend trys and joins on me while I’m in that instance its a connection failed. this however worries me because this second instance of the server was not and has not been here all day until u said the server was back up. I really wish I would have got a few screen shots and time stamps but when all this started falling together it was to late for that. I do however have the one of now with the server 0/50 that no one can see. let me know if u are interested in a more, collected report lol. again thanks in advance all input regarding this issue will be useful.

Heh, yeah I see nothing now. I think we must wait for Rex/Jas to awaken.

well I have the IP address ive been connecting to and what not so I’m willing to verify IP addresses with REX or Jas (preferably Rex since he is owner and I do not know of Jas permission or spoke with him/her directly) to see if its a glitch on the systems end or just nothing…I will not post it here just because there is not a direct connect IP available anywhere on this forum. I do not wish to mindlessly give out unwanted info about these people if they feel its a hazard for more DDoS attacks. like I said before this is beyond me and this is what I do/did for a living. logical hang up is not on my end either. just to verify I installed all required updates for the pc and applications, checked game files for some weird instance of a ghost copy of the server and even matched and traced the IP that I have connected to. It is not mine and it is out of Canada all I will say at this time. If anyone else is following this and runs into something weird plz post it here. even if its unkempt or in a run on format. I will help piece this together. GL fellow space survivors. hope to see u all back in game soon enough.

Yeah it doesn’t show for me either, no server in my list :cry:

New Server should be running again.
Please let us know if you cant see it in list.
Sorry for the trouble :frowning:

Same name as before ? Cause i cant find it. I search on hw to find server…

I look for HWS and nothing in the list. I’ll try tomorrow.

Firewall is stil blocking it. So far only those with direct ip seem to be able to join. We are on it

Hi guys, I still can’t find the server. If this will not be fixed soon I will not be able to connect may be for the next 2 days and what will happen to my Bases and Ships? they will run out of energy and not anymore protected. Please can you do something to avoid this disaster?
In case I hope you will be able to restore all my stuff.
Really thank you.

Hey aviator,

we just fixed it. Restart your game and let the lobby list load completley. Thanks for your patience all.

I can’t get into server says internal error and it kicks me can I get direct port adress someone

Hey Xenocide - very strange. I warped you to Mars for now. Please check if it is working now.