Server deleted cv after messed up warp

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What happened: Hello RexXxus i warped to Alli HQ in my CV [GRG] Sirius V2 ID 32494093 i got kicked to Sathon orbit where i found my cv what was in and what looked like a clone of me cv me cv or the clone cv didn’t have a tag or name it was not letting me use the P menu on any of them and after about 2 min they both got deleted. i know this patch is a bit buggy and a lot of weird stuff is going on. is there any way of you maybe giving me back my CV. thank you for your time.
CV as no DI and group mate flying into it he did not see the cv on his screen
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 2-4am
Playfield: Sathon
Structure Name(s): [GRG] Sirius V2
Structure ID(s): 32494093
How can we help you now: replace CV if you can


sorry for the trouble.
restored it to Draconis.

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