Server has become a time waste

thank you for the good times, but i can no longer waste my time i get one day off a week, and since OP does not work and are base just got wipe out and they removed are core and base de spawned , thats not fun for use pvp is great if u can defend from attacks but if u cant no fun

understand this and sorry to hear. Just a reminder:
you have four PvE playfields on this server -> 4 CVs + 4 BA possible. You have OCD with infinite cargo space for you. Basically you have everything what saves your time.
Since we still have no answer why there is no OP working on NA from the Devs, PvP is just for testing your defence / attack skills. NEVER for storing your stuff their or be upset if it get killed.
PvP is not the best game mechanic right now and we do our best to still make it enjoyable as good as we can (OCD, PvE, Auto Miner, etc.).
Everything else is up to you.


np thank u,i like playing in pvp just not when i cant defend myself.

Yeah PVP is pretty broke. You just gotta live with that.

I am getting into PvP and having a base anywhere other than PvE is a bad idea. I am making a mobile CV base and using OCD heavily, its gonna be fun but I will definitely lose ships :slight_smile: