Server HWS EU : Trouble with Elemental Bank account

Hello dear admins

I’ve got some issues concerning my elemental bank account for several days now. Some commands are working and some other not. This occurs on any playfield and those commands never works.

Server : EU
Playfield : Any
Version : Alpha 6.1.1 , Alpha 6.1.2
Player name : evergreen4life
Bank account : 2764173

Working commands :

  • EB:?
  • EB:info (but i got all informations in global chat only)
  • EB:cointocr
  • EB:send

Not working :

  • EB:payin (sometimes spawning info “money transferred” without any results)
  • EB:payout

And i cannot recieve money from friends via EB:send
Beside I still got a debt of 5k credits, even though i got enough money to pay it (see screenshot in attachement)

I also have some trouble with RP points/ FA:supply but this will be (maybe) another post :wink:

Thanks for reading, can you help ?
Have a nice day :wink:

Hey evergreen,

as far as I can see from the tool it was “cancelled”:

Now that is either because you typed cb:no or most likely because the new chat system has a bug and typing stuff in chat doesn’t show you the output sometimes.

So next time you try these commands please do the following:
type in faction chat for example
“eb:payin:all” and then straight away very fast press double enter. Then a “Money was transfered” should come.

Sending money is mostly a syntax error or wrong bank account number of the partner?

If it is still not working I try to verify. But as far as I know it is working for the others already.


Where do we get the account number it used to be eb:info ?

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