Server messages and friendlyness

Like: WOOF! C’mon guys, I’m not your dog… Just a small change like “Please leave NOW!” already makes a huge difference.

Also I was explaining that I got 2 extra Survival Contructors because I looted my corpse loot twice before I figured out it was a bug in the beginning of me playing here. The server suddenly told me “They were tired of explaining not to abuse item dupe bugs FYI”. Like why the need to add “FYI”?! Why telling me (a new player) you’re tired of explaining that? How am I as a new player supposed to know this is a huge problem on the server?

Ofc by now I know this is a problem. I even found a new item dupe bug myself and reported it. But that doesn’t change the situation. On a server where new players join on a daily bases, you as Admin should expect that you’ll have to explain stuff over and over again untill you stop being an Admin or no longer accept new players!

If it was an Admin typing that: Please don’t allow your personal emotions to affect your work. If you had a bad day, don’t take it out on players! And if it wasn’t, again, that auto message can be edited to be a bit more friendly!

I don’t know what your abbrev of FYI is but mine is “For your information”. I don’t care if the tool bans people played 1 hour on server and have like 30k of all ingots or long term player. This needs to go to their brains.
We even had people who did not know what means duping. Or how to dupe.
Sure we can hug newbies and explain them via voice chat how the world works but that is not worth it.

Same here. Pirates are Pirates and a Pirate who want a “Please” starts better being a Trader.

I had no bad day, I’m feeling fine and I have fun preparing the patch for tomorrow.
Thanks for your perspective regarding new players but we had bad experience with the “softie we love you all road”. This is not the opposite but just fitting into the proper role of pirates and bug exploiter IMO.

I’m actually with iceub on this one, I think it sets a really bad message for anyone who wants to be pirate and kinda harsh, especially since most pirates aren’t aware of the no PvE rule. Might be construed as abuse of pirates xD Which in my opinion wouldn’t be wrong.


I know what FYI means. I just ment that it comes across as if you’re annoyed. Same goes for saying that you’re tired of having to say it. Nevertheless I agree we’re not pussies. There’s no need to treat everyone like a freaking tree hugger. Still I can imagine a new player would be like “Woah! Sorry I made a mistake. It’ll never happen again drill sergeant sir!”.

I guess in simple words: Be harsh to role playing pirates and bug exploiters, not so much to new players just making a mistake. Talking about role playing:

“Ye be a scurvy pirate 'n not supposed to be on PVE! Leave NOW!”

That’s already enough for a day or two into jail, according to me. :smiley:

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