Server not found hws na

I was on the HWS NA 99% server, and the server went down and has not come back up anyone know what’s going on or what happened.

The Reforged Eden one? Same my buddy got booted and i can’t see the server either

yea it is the RE one its been down or crashed like about over a hr ago

Ya it’s been awhile, wish you could tag someone in Discord as then we’d find out the issue real quick lol

wish i knew the discord so i could go there to ask questions. Anyone has the discord

There is a Discord but no where you can chat or ask questions sadly, or that i can figure out

go to the rules and rolls section and hit the emoticons at the bottom to unlock the rest of the discord.

but yes the re na server is currently having “issues”

the admins will wake soon enough and tend to it.

Yaaaaaaa right after i replied i looked and forgot to click the check mark saying i agree to the rules… not my brightest moment LOL. Then i might as well go to bed and hope my stuff is still there by morning