Server rules and regulations

Having played this game from early start, mostly on the biggest servers and mostly in pvp mode I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents here in regards to server rules.

Less rules the better!

Try as much as possible to let the gamemechanics dictate the rules. It will be less confusing for the average player, less to read up on and less work for admins to resolve rule brakings that will always happen. So instead of trying to make the “perfect rules”, try to focus on how to eliminate rules. Sometimes the gamemechanics are not optimal for the gameplay but may be worth the sacrifise to not regulate it?

I sure know that rules have to be in place on this server with the game in its current state. Most important ones are those that regulates server performance in my opinion.

Current server rules are good tho, just wanted to remind admins to stay on current path. (Im afraid of laws and rules in general, and that we will get another 10 pages of rules in next update).

Great server tho, and thanx for all the great work admins are putting in!

Cannot wait for 5.0!

Best regard Loke!

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Thanks for your input Loke!

I know and I am not a fan of this either.
Most of the rules and limitation you can read in the guide were created because one guy fucked up basically. So we needed to generalize it for everyone…

The overall rules etc. will be tackled in 5.0 - in german it is called: “less is more”.

But yes, I appreciate every Feedback! Even though I recognize that 5.0 is one of the most difficult task ever… soon you will see why…


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Mordgier and I discussed this many times with each other. We have somewhat opposing views. But the conclusion overall was basically: either make a rule for everything or only implement basic rules and allow everything else.
Personally I’m fine with either path the admins decides to take as long as we have clarity.

[quote=“RexXxuS, post:2, topic:2664”]
Most of the rules and limitation you can read in the guide were created because one guy fucked up basically
[/quote]Often I felt that it was more than 1 guy. But it’s just 1 guy that clearly did it or pushed it too far. By the time a rule was made/changed I already knew dozens of players doing it, but admins perhaps often not aware or miscalculated the impact of it or the players doing it ‘stealthed’ it. It’s very hard to get it right for this complex game. Not an easy job, the admins are doing great.

In the interest of pushing this into something real, I hope HWS will introduce new areas in the future where “everything goes” (I’m surprised there are no such play fields already). I’m talking about one or maybe a couple of planetary systems defines as “100% anarchy”, as in; don’t even think of reporting anything there. Warp camp all you want, exploit, cheat and do anything that’s possible within the game to win, heck find out the IP of your opponent and DDOS the crap out of them them (and their dog/GF).

It would serve 3 purposes:
1 - Warping to such a place would be done with the mindset; I stand a very large risk of to losing everything … but I’m taking that risk. Effectively resigning the right to cry in global at the same time.
2 - Exploits and cheats would be field tested much more than today, when they are essentially banned as soon as they’re discovered without really being explored and documented.
3 - Going into a battle where both sides fully realize “this will be a dirty fight”, is vastly different from a fight where one side tries to play fair and the opponent [maybe] is prepared to do whatever is needed to win. The doubt and uncertainty, “maybe they’re cheating” is what causes all the accusations.

Cheaters or not, I’m sure alot of “PVP oriented” players would love a place where they could PVP all they want without facing the daily the rage and accusations in global chat.

Even tho I’m a PVE care bear and enjoy EGS mainly because i love building stuff, I lived in nullsec in EVE for a long time. I wasn’t there for the PVP, but It didn’t bother me to lose a ship now and then, because i had made the active choice to be there.

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NOOOOOOOO lets not have a system where anything goes. Why would anyone go their for one thing. Next it would just be dominated by one faction. They are only a few large alliances on these servers so any small one’s just wont bother going.

Long term I do not see the benefit of such a system.

I see only possibilities, sorry.

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I like this idea except for the IP and ddos attack or any other 3rd party program intended for hacking/cheating! :slight_smile:

I don’t think people actually do that, most people don’t have access to bot nets.
If they do and want to DDOS someone, just to win a PVP battle … well that’s would just be taking “pathetic loser” to a whole new level.
Same with using 3rd party tools and risking a VAC ban, if ppl wanna take that risk …

The point was more of “if you lose a battle, don’t come with accusations … you knew there we’re no rules” … :slight_smile:

DDosing and such is not even open for discussion… It’s not even allowed by law (in real life!).

Rex intriguer :slight_smile:

Pretty sure HWS would never allow it anyway, so it was never really on the table.
Just tried to make a point, i guess i failed.

In Norwegian its called “kiss”, keep it stupid simple! :slight_smile:

If you ever wondered where “Less is more” comes from, take a look at nordic/scandinavian design.
Scandinavian design is known for it’s scaled down, airy design language, where air/space is allowed to be a design element.

As an IT-Tech, I say: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

To take Ixx idea further, what about 2 pvp systems where everything is allowed + when you warp there you get stucked there lets say for 3 days or maybe a week. In those intervalls there is popping up a jump point to be able to jump back and forward…

I see you played EVE as well? :slight_smile: