Server test patch - lag fix?

Hey guys,

on NA since 10 hours and on EU since now I patched the server to a custom server test branch. This branch addresses the lags. Some saying it is also fixing the POI lags… even fight lags?

Can you please test it good and let me know? Thanks!


This all sounds too good to be true, will test now :wink:

Can someone please report back??

Tbh i didn’t have any lag when i was in a fight earlier with 4 people, however was in space so hard to tell. I definitely haven’t thought today…ahhh man lag, so i guess hearing nothing is probably a good thing, It’s difficult to test without certain conditions, i will go looking for fights on PVP busy planets now and report back.

The guys on PVE destiny should be able to help more, was so so laggy yesterday, if not lag today shows improvement

Ask and do yourself as always. Im on it, will try to ask Zapp or someone.

I’ll be home in about 2 hours. I’ll try to stir up a fight for ya Rexx!

Been gone for a month and playing since last night, I have not seen one “Connection to server lost” since I’ve been back. Wondering if it’s real lol.

Update, I haven’t noticed any lag at all so i think its worked.

I saw a bit of lag on Jupiter and it’s orbit this morning. It’s way better than it was. I’m not complaining just following up. Other than this morning I’ve had no lag since the patch. Also there were only 6 people on the server, so chances are it wasn’t HWS, it’s more likely to be my isp, or a hop in between my house and HWS.