Server took 6m when I used ti:sell

Can someone pls tell when server took 6m credits when ı used ti:sell in Triton
CAn any admin help pls

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Next time please use our template.

Kahn is not your ingame name, you didn’t provide information on what server, what time, etc.
That way you won’t get help fast in the future (or at all).

You paid 6m credits because you were not in the Trading area. If you are not in the trading area you have to pay taxes for sales.
All of that is available to read in the PDA (F1) or here:

It would be very time consumable to revert your action since it is already in the HWS Marketplace

my ingame name is Zoidberg

I didnt know it would be this much tax
its 6m like days of work
can ı please take it back?

That time as an one time service…